Having the Right Equipment for Your Business Matters Enormously

Right Equipment for Your Business

Employees are only as good as the tools and systems they use. While some may always blame the tools for their own mistakes, the rest know that they need the right equipment to be most productive. Whether that means replacing the forever wobbly chair or the 5-year-old PC with something more modern or having other equipment as needed, most employees do appreciate it.

Here are some thoughts about different equipment worth consideration.

Computing Power

There’s the expectation with businesses that they go out and buy the latest PCs to help employees do the company’s bidding. The latest Intel i7 8-series processors with quad-cores and hyper-threading to temporarily boost speeds when needed is the current fastest laptop-based PC. Some employees may clamor over such speedy tech, but the reality is few need the latest models or the highest specification to perform their jobs well.

Buying new vs. refurbished PCs is worth mulling over too. Other companies routinely get rid of PCs that are only two years old. Sometimes even younger. Some of these PCs have never even been used, sitting idle as backup PCs for potential new hires. For workers with regular tasks to perform using software like Office or Outlook, it’s difficult to justify the added expense of buying new. Refurbished PCs will usually be more than fast enough and represent a cost saving with few negatives. It’s also good for the environment too.

Heat Levels and Industrial Equipment

For a business that works in the industrial arena, whether that’s in manufacturing, energy production, mining, or other related fields, having the right equipment matters. Even with top-of-the-line equipment, you must pay attention to heat-related problems. Industrial-rated fans from Lindberg Process are worth strong consideration as a preventative measure.

Expensive equipment can overheat in hotter environments or run for many hours without appropriate cooling down periods. Ultimately, an industrial fire could break out when running for too long in a hot environment. It’s also important that workers are kept cool to avoid problems with heat stroke or heat exhaustion, which can sometimes be deadly. Fatigue and loss of attention to what they’re doing due to dehydration because of insufficient cooling where they’re working is also a factor to consider with workplace accidents. If an employee does experience an accident due to negligence then it is likely that an attorney would become involved. You can find out more here if you’re looking to hire an experienced lawyer for a similar case.

Software Tools

Along with the hardware, software matters too. While an Office 365 subscription to cover all the employees in the workforce gets expensive quickly, using open-source Office software packages like Apache Open Office or Libre Office is far more cost-effective. There are equivalent packages to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that offer most of the same features. While the menus and interface do take a little time to get used to, it would be easy to create a video tutorial to instruct new employees who’ve previously used Word or Excel on how to find the same features within Apache Open Office or Libre Office. Doing so would make the move to affordable software a quick, painless one.

When employees have what they need to get the job done, it empowers them. When they don’t, they struggle mightily which slows their progress and how far the company can grow too. Therefore, it’s in the interests of the CEO to ensure proper funding is made available for important equipment.

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  1. I completely agree with the text. Having the right equipment for your business makes all the difference in employee productivity and the success of the company. Furthermore, considering options like refurbished equipment and open-source software can be a smart choice to save money and be more sustainable. It is essential to invest adequately in equipment to empower employees and drive company growth.

  2. Great little writeup. I completely agree that having good office equipment like powerful computers, printers and webcams, etc. makes working a lot easier and let’s you be more productive. Also, you mentioned having quality software which is also very important. Using fast-running software is a real game-changer and an investment even if it’s costly at the beginning.

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