HexLock App Lock Security Protection: How to use it!

Hexlock Smart App Locker

Our mobile phones have become the standard place where we store a lot of confidential, personal and private data. Many of our outstanding social media accounts are also synced in with our devices. And there are situations when we have to share our phone with others. So to prevent others from accessing your valuable data, there are apps available on Google PlayStore. Hexlock is one such app that locks your other essential apps from a third person. It is a lightweight app that takes around 6 MB of your mobile phone device. But what makes Hexlock different from other such security lock apps is that you can customize which all applications you want to secure. You can give profile labels such as ‘Work’, ‘Home’ etc. so that you can prevent your co-workers or kids from handling various apps in your phone. Parental mode won’t let your kids make in-app purchases and stop them from using other sensitive applications. Apart from apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media applications, you can also lock your Settings and Controls. Media Vault prevents photos and gallery from being accessed by random people. And you can also set Automatic lock which locks certain apps according to the profile you have created when you connect to a known Wi-Fi network.

How to Use Hexlock Android App?

  1. Install Hexlock from Google Play Store.
  2. Start by setting a pattern and pin, whichever you find comfortable.
    Hexlock App Review
  3. Select the apps that you want to put under the lock.
    Apps to Put lock on Hexlock
  4. You can also choose the media vault and restrict your Gallery.
    Hexlock Android Vault Gallery Locker
  5. Categorize the apps under different labels such as Work, Parental, etc.
  6. Select the WiFi networks so that the app lock profiles automatically change when you change the WiFi network.
  7. Also, for selected Samsung smartphones, there is a facility to set fingerprint locks. This will make the unlocking fast as you don’t have to spend time on drawing the pattern or pin. And undoubtedly, the security is higher as nobody can recreate such a biometric identification parameter.
    Finger Locker Hexlock

The app works on Android 4.0.3 and up. There have been over 5,000,000 installs and majority of the users reviews recommend Hexlock. Using the unique profiles that you can create, you can also adjust the apps and locks with great flexibility. What prevents many of the users from installing lock security applications is the fact that they either close all the applications and features or skip some of it. It is annoying when you have to enter a pattern to open every app on your phone, even the not-so-important ones. But using Hexlock, only those which you wish to lock can be set up so that patterns do not appear for each and every app. And to guarantee security, almost all the apps, gallery and settings can be locked, and none of those are left out.

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