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Host1Plus VPS Hosting Review – The Perfect Choice

Host1Plus Review

Any company trying to maintain an online presence needs hosting services. Are you looking for the hosting services to make your website in the online world? It is in fact tough to access the dedicated server owing to hefty prices one needs to pay. A web hosting company offering you web hosting services is always a cheaper option. Very few companies offer dedicated hosting services at affordable rates. While you select a hosting service, you need to ponder over the type of server that is needed, the budget allocation required for the hosting service and the types of features offered by the company. So, if you are looking for a powerful server having dedicated resources, the following information is meant exclusively for you.

Great news for all my curious readers out there! I came across an upright web hosting company that offers competitive VPS service yet at affordable rates. I will try my best to discuss about the products and services offered by Host1Plus VPS service provider and I strongly crave that it stops you from hunting VPS web hosting services.

About Host1Plus VPS Service

The award winning Host1Plus is one of the foremost hosts offering the modern VPS hosting service. Once you take up the VPS service from Host1Plus, you will realize how easy it is to run the VPS account which almost seems like running the shared hosting account with anyone else. The Host1Plus company is known for monitoring closely each and every VPS account so that it is able to proactively resolve the unpredictable issues prior to its impact on your website. The team at the company has a great experience level, unmatchable expertise level to make a huge difference. The company has now earned 4 stars out of 5 and now thankfully it is a Certified CNET service provider. Since the year 2002, the company has maintained this prestigious position and so it is now a recognized name in the niche field. The company offers web hosting services to allow the businesses store data, support MySQL, php, ajax.

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Host1Plus VPS Hosting Review

Host1Plus offers VPS or the Virtual Private Server, the virtual machine which will run its copy of the operating system. The users or the customers will be offered the super-user access to that particular OS so that they are able to install any software running on that particular operating system.

For those who have the self hosted blog, they need to host it at their own risk upon the hosting server provided by the webhost. As the online business or the blogger, everyone want more amount of traffic or greater audience group, you have to arrange for a reliable server that is extremely efficient to handle. It is here the role of Host1Plus become significant. The international company is a trusted name in the realm of VPS servers. Besides this, you may expect to get several services like reseller hosting, cloud hosting, web hosting, VPS hosting, SEO hosting.

Host1Plus VPS Hosting Review

Host1Plus is trying hard to expand its entry into the new market and is also coming up with a fresh range of web hosting services. As it offers affordable and reliable VPS hosting services, it enhances the ability of the online businesses. A group of highly skilled IT providers never ever leaves their clients in problem. The company does its best to troubleshoot all issues.

A Review of Host1Plus VPS service

Host1Plus is an outstanding company which delivers a platform to allow you manage the virtual environment very easily. It helps businesses to stay up and run successfully. The company is a solid VPS host which continuously monitors accounts to resolve any problem. Besides an easy user interface of the control panel, there are several other features of the VPS service including:

  1. Great Performance of the VPS hosts

There are mainly three things driving the VPS performance and they are hardware, virtual private servers and the resource which the VPS collects. Host1Plus makes use of Dell servers only 16-32 GB RAM, Hard Drives of 15K SAS, the two Quad Core Xeon Processors. The service is extremely fast and it is well appreciated by the users.

  1. High end servers with excellent uptime

The uptime of the VPS server is amazingly good. High end server, greatly redundant power supplies and the RAID 10 assures that even the failed power component will not do any harm. The VPS will run uninterruptedly. The use of BGP4 bandwidth does all the magic by protecting from the routing problems in the internet. The routes are kept short and fast with the aid of bigger ISPs.

  1. Ease of usage

The best part of Host1Plus VPS service is ease of use. There are many other hosts in the market who provide a very limited setup to the website owners. Under such situations, the web owner has to do the necessary setup and even have to configure the VPS. However, Host1Plus VPS hosting comes equipped with all the required software to run the email and the website. While you get your VPS from the company, there will be a preloaded cPanel, proper firewall setup. Even the first account will be carefully configured for your convenience. Host1Plus configures the MySQL and the PHP just for your benefit. Change your DNS after uploading the website and you may get started.

  1. Customizable VPS hosting

This is perhaps the best feature of the VPS server provided by Host1Plus. The VPS is customizable and even you may host unlimited domains. There is the scope of installing applications with the root-access capacities and one may even resell the hosting services. The overall computing environment can also be changed altogether.

  1. The great scalability of the VPS server

The VPS is scalable and may be extended as per your needs. So, when your expectations grow, you can increase the capacity of VPS.

  1. A dedicated IP address

With the Host1Plus VPS service, you even get the dedicated IP. It would help in running the email server and the website. The dedicated server will work towards boosting your SEO.

  1. The outstanding business opportunity

With the VPS hosting services of Host1Plus, you get the chance of installing many domains and also you will get the rights to the reseller program. It is possible to sell space on the website and earn extra bit of money.

  1. Unbelievable price range

The VPS service is offered by Host1Plus at unbelievable prices. The pricing is the cheapest per month if you take up the bronze package.

As the business is largely dependent on the hosting services, it is important to choose the right company. If you really need the VPS service at reliable rates, you may rely on Host 1 Plus. For 24 hours of great customer care support, you should choose this company.

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