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Most of the Windows hosting plans availed nowadays by websites include Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012. These servers are known for their versatility and robustness, matching the features delivered by Linux and UNIX. Although Linux is free and has many advantages over Microsoft’s platform, we especially needed the benefits and features of the latter. With our focus on MySQL, PHP and several other server-specific applications from Microsoft, Windows web hosting is our natural choice. So we eventually chose the affordable Windows VPS hosting plan from Host4ASP.NET. review VPS hosting

Affordable & Complete Hosting Solution

We found Host4ASP.NET to be offering the complete web hosting packages for our hosting needs. We needed to move from our shared hosting plan, and this host’s Barebone VPS plan proved to be the ideal and most affordable solution that matched our needs. Their flexible-plan structure allowed us to set the amount of storage space, RAM, CPU core(s), IP addresses, and bandwidth. Now we have the best Windows VPS hosting package that ideally meets our needs, and it costs nothing more than $19.95 per month. We realized that this affordable plan was available only from this promotional link.

The Barebone VPS plan gives us 40GB of space, 1GB memory, single-core CPU, 1 IP and 400GB of monthly data transfer for just $19.95. The next time we need to upgrade, we could continue with this Windows VPS hosting plan and increase the storage, RAM, CPU cores and bandwidth slightly.

Developers Windows VPS Hosting

There’s a good chance that we may upgrade to the Developers VPS hosting plan. It offers 60GB of storage, dual-core CPU and 600GB of bandwidth. And this is going to cost us just $10 more.

Interestingly, Host4ASP.NET offers many features for free. Many of these features are a must have for our business model. They include:

  • My SQL 5
  • MS SQL 2008/2012
  • WebSitePanel
  • Web Mail
  • Mail Server
  • Web Deploy
  • FTP
  • Web Ready

These features come as standard in both the Barebone and Developers Windows VPS hosting plans. Thus, overall this company has launched 4 Windows VPS hosting plans, and Barebone was the hosting package of choice for us. The other high-end Windows hosting solutions from the web host include Business and Managed Plans. We don’t think we will be needing them soon.

Why We like Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS?

There are many features to this Windows web hosting solutions provider that make it the ideal choice for our site. We have realized many other benefits after having signed-up for their service. This included:

Easy to Manage

We can manage all aspects of our VPS hosting using the WebSitePanel. The most important control options include system re-installation, ISO image mount, hyper-V virtual servers import/export, taking snapshot and restoration.

Hyper-V Powered Virtual Server

This feature enables deeper level of integration between Windows and virtual server. We have total control over everything because the operating system is installed over the virtual server. The advantages include full customization of the operating system, control over rebooting, start/stop, monitoring over all resources and managing services, Windows Server 2012 R2, etc.

Reliable Hardware & Network

Their hardware and network is of reliable that we never had any issues. It was later that we learnt that their systems are powered by Dell and are based on BGP technology and redundant power supply.

Technical Support

Their customer support and technical support team is available round the clock. Every time we had any query, we reached them through live chat and email. With so many benefits and a complete package for our Windows VPS hosting needs we didn’t have any other reason to look elsewhere. Host4ASP.NET will remain our hosting provider for long term.

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  1. Great timing, well I was just searching for a reliable VPS provider and guess what I’ve got all the answers for my doubts. Will do a background check or may be reviews about this hosting from its old customers and will purchase it.

    Samir recently posted…How to apply for New Voter ID Card OnlineMy Profile

  2. Thanks for sharing this information. VPS is other option if you feel that shared hosting is not enough. With VPS, we have better flexibility and of course our site will be more stable. But, in case if your budget is limited, you can also try as your shared hosting provider. This hosting provider support ASP.NET. I’ve been with them for many years and so far there are good and no serious problem

  3. Here’s when VPS comes to play. It is a private server that gives an even more powerful performance and is dedicated to your website only. You get all the resources for which you pay for. Znetlive is a great option. I have been with them long enough to know their entire range of features and what exactly they are in real, that is the reason why I am recommending you to go for it by having an amazing experience after I moved to them.

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