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Housing.com review

Housing.com is a real estate portal that has changed the way properties are searched online. The portal came into limelight when it introduced a map based search result feature. Housing.com did not stop there and continued to evolve as per the demands and needs of end users. Two years after its inception, the portal now offers a comprehensive set of services which help end users search for and purchase verified properties online.

Housing.com Review


There are different sections on the housing home page which are dedicated to different services/features like house for rent in bangalore. One of these is the PG & Hostel icon which denotes a service that has specifically been designed to help end users search for paying guest and hostel accommodations.


Use housing.com to search for PGs


Let us assume that an end user is looking for single room for rent in Bangalore. When this end user selects the ‘PG&Hostel’ option on the housing home page, he/she is taken to a similar search option as is prevalent for purchase and other rental option. The name of the locality has to be typed here. The first filter however is slightly different. Here-instead of choosing the property type-one has to choose a gender(‘Boy’ or ‘Girl’) depending on the choice of PG type.

The second option allows choosing a minimum and a maximum rent. The search results are once again listed in the map of the locality. Numerous other filter options are also offered at this stage in case an

end user wants to specifically search for a certain category of accommodations. However these filters are not the kind that one sees in case of rental homes. They have been customized for PG search. For example, there is an option called ‘Occupancy’ which allows the end user to select ‘Single’ or ‘Sharing’ accommodations. Similarly, one can choose accommodations on the basis of available facilities(laundry, meals, listed by etc.). The room specs include original photographs along with owner’s demands and rules of the PG.

Rental Agreement Service

Housing Rental Agreement Review

To further support the rental services in Bangalore, housing.com has introduced a service that helps property owners create rental agreement in Bangalore with ease. This service currently is available only in Bangalore. It allows a property owner to easily create a rental agreement in the proper legal format, pay the stamp duty online and have the agreement delivered to the tenants- all for a meagre fee.

The housing portal allows the end users to create a lease online with as much ease as filling a form. Numerous options are listed in a panel on the left. Clicking each requires the end user to fill the details in a form. As the information is completed, one sees the rental agreement taking shape in the background, complete with legal precedents and language that would make the document ready in accordance with the norms of the court of law.

After creating the rental agreement, the property owner then gets to pay the stamp duty online. Then the representatives of housing.com take a printout and deliver the rental agreement to the tenants’ doorstep where it is signed in the presence of witnesses. In the process, neither does the home owner nor the tenant have to leave their properties.

In Conclusion

Housing.com hence not only helps people looking for properties for rent but also those who are offering them. The portal optimizes manpower and helps build the rental agreement service in Bangalore using the same set of agents who verify property listings

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