How To Be Prepared For Fire Disasters

How to get Prepared for Fire Disasters

Fire can cause a huge loss to property and cost lives. But few of us actually care for fire safety rules. And most of us are reluctant to spend money on fire safety installation in our buildings. The predominant thought is that this will not happen to me. Yet when something like this does happen, we are caught off guard and totally unprepared. Fire disaster can lead to catastrophic personal injury and devastating damage. Even more so in metro cities, where the population is high and space is less. Flats in Delhi, Mumbai and other metros are so close to one another that it can be very easily spread. It’s not easy task to find out flats in Delhi , Mumbai cities by yourself , you can take the help of any real estate Delhi brokers to find it.

How to get Prepared for Fire Disasters

The Statistics

It’s time we stop ignoring the potential risk of fire hazards and start paying attention to some facts.

As per reports, fire accounts for roughly twenty five thousand deaths and 60 per cent loss of property in India annually. The risk of fire has been rated among the top six risks across all regions. Investigation has revealed that fire mostly occurs due to sheer negligence. It is revealed that electrical short circuits and careless disposal of cigarettes and matches are the prime causes of fire. This is closely followed by flames from stoves and candles, firecrackers and over-heating of gadgets.

The Harsh Truth

Fire authorities have conducted audits in various establishments all over India and it is reveled that nearly have of the establishments do comply with any fire safety measures. And many of these establishments even include hospitals! High rise buildings in metro cities have a bigger risk, yet they do not comply with the fire safety standards under National Building Code of India.

It is said that the initial 25 seconds in a fire accident are very crucial. The fire should be extinguished then itself, before it goes out of control. However it has been noticed that the existing fire extinguishers either have a low discharge capacity or may not be able to diffuse all classes of fire. Apart from being heavy and difficult to use, these extinguishers require heavy maintenance and over time develop blockages which render them non-functional.

Fire safety measures

Let’s see some safety measures you can take.

  •  Portable Fire Extinguishers – We should invest in portable fire extinguishers. These are light weight and you can carry them even in your bag or car. They are easy to use and very effective on all types of fires- fire from gas, electrical circuits, flammable liquids etc.
  • Check your homes for fire risks. From time to time check the electrical wirings, cooking gas connections etc. to ensure that your home is not susceptible to a fire breakout.
  • Invest in fire detection and protection systems- You can install smoke detectors and alarms, gas leak detectors etc. But also make sure you upgrade them and test them from time to time to ensure that they are in running condition. You don’t want them to stop working, the one time you actually need them.
  • Educate yourself in fire safety- Undergo fire-safety training, along with your family, in one of the many fire training schools in cities. If you feel that is a stretch, read up about the various actions you can take in case of a fire breakout. These lessons will help you save a lot of lives in the unfortunate case of a fire breakout.
  • Be aware– Last but not the least it is important that one is attentive and focused when one is in the kitchen or in the proximity of any object that comes with the danger of a fire breakout. Negligence is the cause of fire many a times, so be mindful of your activities. Try being a good citizen and take care of public property.

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