How Do I Get Deleted Files Back With My Android Phone

Dr. Fone Android Data Recovery Review 2016

For most of the smartphone users, files saved on their device are treasure. We all have done it: Accidentally deleted photos, videos and files but don’t panic. There are many great things about Android but one drawback is getting back deleted file is quite difficult. Thanks to Dr. Fone, it helps in recovering deleted files back from your android phone.

From this android app one can recover several types of data. You can recover deleted videos & photos. When you exactly know what you are looking for, you can specify a particular type of file through Dr. Fone and it will search only that file type. As it retrieve back the deleted files, you can see a preview of what is found and you can choose who to recover and what to not.

Not only you can recover photos and videos, one can recover SMS & Contacts as well. There is an option by using which you can restore all your recovered files either to your device or cloud storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive. While you recover SMS & contacts, you get one more option to save it as .CSV file in addition with directly saving in your default messaging and phonebook app. Specifically for recovering SMS & Contacts, scanning for files is free but you need to purchase $7.99 upgrade to recover the data.

How Do I Get Deleted Files Back With My Android Phone

Getting back deleted files from your Android smartphone is easy. Follow the simple step by step guide which will help you in recovering deleted files. Here we go:

Step 1: Installation:

Install and Launch Dr. Fone on your Android Smartphone and Launch it. After that install Dr. Fone on your Computer and connect your Android phone with it. After connection your phone, tablet me prompt you to debug USB. Follow the procedure and do the same.

Step 2: Select Files To Scan:

After installation and debugging USB, Dr. Fone will recognize your device. Again Dr. Fone will prompt your for superuser request authentication. Just click “Allow”.

Dr Fone Android Data Recovery Review

After that another screen will appear, where you have to choose type of data files to scan and recover. Choose whatever you want to recover.

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Step 3: Recover Deleted Content:

Within few minutes, Dr. Fone will show all the deleted files. After that you need to click under the file that you will to recover and click on recover. Your files will be back wherever you want to save them.

Dr Fone Android Deleted Files Recovery

Congratulations, You now know how to recover deleted data on android.


This kind of software works great for recovering files for both personal as well as business purpose. You might create backups daily, weekly or monthly but accident can cause your precious data to get lost without even notifying you. So I had say to remain on safer side and use data recovery software. Dr. Fone from Wondershare really works well. It only requires a little efforts from your side. I would not mind waiting for hours, if I get my deleted files back without losing anything.

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