How to Make Sure if Your Moving Company Is Legit or Not?

Legit Moving Company

Around 10% of Americans require the services of a moving company every year, and unfortunately, some of these people still fall for moving scams. There are still plenty of moving companies out there that are not legit, and hiring them can do more harm than good. However, hiring a legit moving company is not a complicated task. All you have to do is do your research prior to hiring the company, and you will be able to choose the right option. From DOT certification and ucr registration, there are several things you can verify to ensure that the company is legit. When you hire a company without checking their background, you will end up facing adverse consequences. If you go for a scam company, they can end up stealing all your goods. And if you go for a company that doesn’t have the right license and certification, there one mistake can cause you a lot of damage. So, it is recommended that you do some background research to ensure that the company you are hiring is legit. In this article, I have mentioned a few tips that will help you identify whether the mover you are planning to hire is legit or not. Let’s take a look:

License and Certifications

Legal Documents and Certifications

The first thing you need to confirm is whether the company you have chosen is licensed or not. You can do this by simply asking the company about their license, or you can look for online license directories in your area. Apart from that, you need to ensure that the company has all the right certifications. If you are making an interstate move, then the company you have hired should have USDOT certification issued by the Federal government. You can check whether they are certified or not by checking the US Dot directory. The company must also have a Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) for its commercial vehicles for interstate and international travel. So make sure that your company has all the necessary certifications.

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Never ever make the mistake of doing with a moving company that doesn’t have a legit insurance plan. When you are evaluating a mover, you must ask them whether they are insured or not and what kind of coverage they are providing. According to FMCSA, interstate moving companies are bound to offer two different types of insurance coverage to their customers. The first one is Full Value protection, where your company will be responsible for paying the cost of replacement of any goods damaged during shipping. The second kind of protection is Release Value protection, which won’t cost you any extra money, but the insurer will only pay you 60 cents on the loss of every dollar.

Look for Complaints

Another thing you can do to ensure that your company is legit or not is you can look for complaints against it. This is where you will have to dig a little more into research. Google the company name, and make sure there is no negative news related to it. You should then check whether people have complained about this company in the past or not by visiting FMCSA’s official website. Keep in mind if you end up finding a few complaints about it, then it is always safer to move to another option. Choosing the right company will also help you save money during your move.

Check Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Apart from looking for complaints on the internet, you should take a good look at the customer reviews of that company. Luckily, we are living in the modern digital age, and finding reviews for any business is extremely easy. All you have to do is visit their website or social media pages, and you will be able to get a good idea of what their customers have to say about it. Read the reviews thoroughly, and if you see any red flags in those reviews, then it is better you move on to your next option.

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How professional a mover’s behavior is telling you a lot about them. A moving company that is not legit will be hard to deal with, and you won’t find any professionalism in them. On the other hand, a legit moving company will care deeply about your project and will treat you as a respected customer. They wouldn’t just tell your rate right off the bat. They will look at your stuff first and will only then give you an estimate.

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