How to Use Social Media to Market Your Business

Social Media for Business

The ultimate aim of all businesses is to make money, and marketing is an essential part of that endeavor. With 3.5 billion users worldwide per NG Oberlo, the social media space has gone from a new idea to a must for marketers. Of all types of media marketing, the social media space has proven to be most effective.

Reasons to market your business on social media

1. It is one of the most cost-efficient methods to increase business visibility and syndicate content.

2. It helps you generate inbound traffic beyond your current customers.

3. It affords you the opportunity to know the thoughts and needs of your customers without having to discuss it with them directly.

4. It helps you reach more audiences than you’ll normally reach via traditional advertising means.

5. It makes it easier to discover your business on search engines, by increasing your page ranking.

How to Market your Business on Social media

1. Select the Right Platforms

There are many social media sites to share your content, and that list grows with every passing day. But you need to be very particular about the platform you will use to market your business.

The main determinant of the platform to use should be your customers and your business. You should research the platform your target audience uses so that your presence will be effective.

You should also decide on the platform that best fits your product. For example, it makes more sense to market a music video on YouTube than Twitter. At Ascend Finance, we decided to focus on the Instagram platform because we focus on helping our audience understand questions like, “Chapter 13 dismissed now what” and “What are advantages of filing bankruptcy?

2. Create a Calendar

Hurrying to create a post can make your post ineffective as it will not be the best quality. And if you don’t properly organize your post, it’ll result in repeated or similar content. You can avoid this mistake by making a social media content calendar. Content calendars, of which there are many free options, help you create well-tailored goals that will convince your audience to patronize you. You’ve just got to be calculative and smart with it. Plan out your posts, images, links, and hashtags.

3. Be engaging

Engaging Social Media Content

The aim of every social media user is to engage with others. You need to have that in mind and create content that can drive engagement amongst your audience. If you aim to take advantage of social media’s capability, then you should always encourage communication.

Don’t just post a block of texts about your business details. Try to enhance your content by using simple photo editing tools to create social media visuals. Make adequate research about your audience to ensure that they’ll find your content appealing.

4. Don’t Over-Promote

It’s a common sight to see businesses engage on social media platforms like it’s a regular advertising channel. Every post you release shouldn’t be to promote the business. You should have content that interests your audience, something free to offer them.

It is easy to get confused but you should only promote your business once a while. After all, you’re there to increase your sales. Opt for the one-in-seven rule, which states that one out of seven posts should be a promotional post. Make the other six posts content-based. You can still sell your brand in the six posts, just with more subtly.

5. Share Video

Social media users respond favorably to visual content. As such, it is ideal for connecting with your audience. It stands out because people usually navigate through blocks of texts, so it’s easy to notice. For the best result, post a well-descriptive and brief narrative-driven video.

6. Solve problems quickly

If you have a good product, you’ll definitely get positive feedback on your social media platform. But you may encounter someone who has a bad experience with the product or your workers. If you find such individuals, you should apologize to them and send them a direct message to sort the issue.

7. Create paid adverts

Paid Social Media Ads

All the major social media networks offer advertising options that’ll help you reach your target audience in a more efficient manner. It basically involves creating your content, setting a target audience, and paying a specific advertising fee. A paid advert is a hyper-direct way to reach the audience you need. But before doing that, you’ve just got to create content and place it on the right platform. If you do paid adverts, you often want to find value from the paid advertisement. For example, an article title, “Best used cars under $5000 in 2021” may get many instagram likes, but if you are paying for the  advertisement, you may need to get more than just looks.

 8. Provide Value

You should provide your social media audience with quality content. Create content that your audience will value and find a way to link that value to your product. Value is what drives customers to purchase your product and become loyal customers.

As mentioned above, there are over 3.5 billion social media users. Thus, you won’t have a problem attracting your target audience if you have a clear-cut strategy.

In Summary

With social media’s billions of active users, it’s clear that social media marketing is a very effective and important method for advertising your business. It is a goldmine for reaching both new customers and current patrons. To reap the benefits of social media marketing, use these tips for your own business.

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