6 Tips on How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

Promote Business

Many businesses are now using the social media as a means to attract more customers. Millions of people login into their social media account every day. You’d be able to make a decent income if you know how to write persuasive posts that can convert into sales.

The following are 6 tips on how to use social media to promote your business.

Attain a Decent Amount of Followers

If you want to have a positive ROI, you must first have a decent amount of followers on social media. At least, you must have 1K followers to start seeing some money coming in. The quality of the followers is more important than the number of followers. This means that the followers must be your target market that is interested in your products. Therefore, there is no need to be crazy over spending money to buy followers just to achieving 100K followers on your account.

Be Consistent in Posting

You need to be motivated to post on your social media regularly. If you post only once in a while, your followers will lose interest and unfollow you. You can set time to post on social media every day. It is recommended that you post at least two times on social media every day. You should do what you can to make sure you are on time in posting so that you are on track in achieving your social media goals.

Run a Contest to Increase Followers

We recommend you a tutorial about how to run a contest to increase the popularity of your brand. If lots of people enter the contest, you can expect a boost in the followers, email list, and product engagement. It can also generate a lot of user-generated content. Contest can also help you to understand your customers better. First, you must decide what type of contest you want to host, for example, photo, video, caption, and vote to win. Taking in your budget, you must decide the prize and the number of winners. The prize can be your product, another product related to your brand or a gift card. You must choose what social networks to use to host the contest. You must determine until when you will stop accepting entries.

Social Media Contest

Make it a Priority to Interact with People

Social media is all about interacting with people so always promptly reply if someone posts a comment to your post. You can also visit their profiles to like and share their posts. If you know how to build a relationship with the followers, you will be able to quickly get a lot of good referral traffic to your landing page. The hashtag is another way you can use to connect with people in the same niche. You can use tools like hashtagify.me to look for popular hashtags. Alternatively, you can create your hashtag and get your followers to use it when they are making posts on a certain topic.

Use Videos to Promote Your Brand

You can make all types of videos to promote your brand on social media, including the live, tutorial, and informational, behind the scenes and user-generated videos. You can have a poll that asks your followers about the types of video they are interested in watching. The video must be clear and easy to follow for your audience. The video should be infused with your personality, and it must match your brand identity.

In your video, you can use a video editor to add a call to actions. If it is a live video, make sure to live stream at the same time every week so that audience know what time to login watch your video. If your video has a lot of talking, it may be better to convert it into a podcast and share it on social media. You’ll need a video converter software to convert videos like WEBM to MP3. This guide might help you to find out how to do it right.

Add Images to Your Social Media Posts

The majority of your social media posts should have images. Social media images can change the way how people look at your brand. It is important that the image you post is just the right size and looks good. If you want to use a stock image, you should first personalise it by adding colour and text. Basic photo editor like Gimp will be sufficient for customising the image.

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