Know How I got Alexa 90k with 36 Days Old blog

How to Improve Alexa rank Quickly

Alexa rank tells everyone about How any blog/website works relative to others, as it shows rank relative to other websites and blogs. Alexa rank is calculated using a combination of estimated number of unique visitors and number of page views. That blog with biggest combination of unique visitor and page views will get 1st rank.

How to Improve Alexa rank Quickly

From above paragraph you might be thinking that getting good alexa rank only depend on two things :

  • Daily Unique Visitors
  • Daily Page views

But if you will see my traffic report, i got good alexa rank without much traffic according to Google Analytics. So from my point of view there is lot more to do then just driving traffic. In this post i will tell you what steps i had taken to improve Alexa rank.

But before that i will tell you why alexa traffic rank is so important to focus on.

Why Improving Alexa traffic rank is important ?

If you want to make money from your blog on any niche from direct advertisements, Sponsored review then you need to more focus on lowering your alexa rank. Alexa rank always plays an major role in attracting advertisers to your blog.

Whether alexa rank shows true traffic stats or not, it really helps to determine your blog popularity. But now a days advertisers had started going beyond of alexa and rely more on Google Analytic results. So to attract more high paying advertisers displaying your analytic traffic stats will prove quite helpful.

But 1st thing which attract advertisers to your blog is Alexa rank. So having a lower alexa rank will make them more interested in your blog.

There are many black hat tools available which helps to lower alexa rank quickly, which led them to nothing rather than Google penalty.Also “Advertiser are not Fool” they can clearly determine whether your alexa rank is true or not. So don’t ever try to use black hat tool to improve alexa rank quickly.

How i got 90k Alexa Rank in 36 Days for a brand new blog

Have you seen my blog 1st month traffic report ? If yes then you might have seen that i have rarely have high traffic, my 1st month average daily traffic was about 70-80 and daily page views was around 240 which is not quite large. So there are lot more to do on which Alexa rank depends. I had started this blog on 6th of September and now after 36 days i got an alexa rank of 90,835 worldwide, which was great achievement for me with this new blog. Few days ago there was Moz Domain and Page authority got updated in which my blog got DA – 15 and PA – 25 which makes me so happy.

Get Alexa rank under 100k in 30 days

So these were my stats of 36 days old, i hope you to liked it. Now it is the time to share the steps (secrets) which i had taken in these days. Lets start, I followed a daily routine from beginning.

1. Claim your blog domain with Alexa

It really helped me to boost my blog alexa rank quickly even with low traffic. According to me claiming our blog domain with Alexa help them to track each and every traffic coming to our blog. Claiming domain on alexa is very easy Click here >> Enter your Url and Log in via Facebook (You can use email also) >> You will get an Meta Script copy and paste in your blog >> Then click on Verify My ID. And it’s done!

2. Updating Blog Regularly

Updating blog regularly will surely help to get a good alexa rank, i was able to create 17 post in 36 days out of which maximum have 1000+ words. These article have much quality and had attracted both referral and organic traffic. According to me posting content frequently will surely help you to drop alexa rank quickly because :

“More Fresh Content = More Traffic = Quick Drop of Alexa Rank”

Example : My Friends Iftekhar and his team is working on eCloudTimes they update their blog with 15 minimum post weekly and when you will look on their alexa rank it is :- 34,317 and it is 50 days old. So updating blog frequently will surely help to boost your alexa rank.

3. Drive Fresh Traffic

From Fresh Traffic, i mean new traffic which you can get quickly by using Social media like Facebook,Twitter, Google+ and many more. Don’t only go for Social Site also go for Blogging Communities like BlogEngage (Heaven of Blogging Community), Kingged, Klinkk etc. To get new traffic you can also make drop comments on CommentLuv enabled blog, if you will see my traffic report also you can see my major traffic is from referral that mean majority of new traffic, which came from comments on some great blogs only.

4. Creating Deep Internal links

Creating Internal Links is been neglected by most of the bloggers, internal links help your blog audience to navigate on your blog and spend more time this way you are not only reducing your blog bounce rate but also increasing your page views which is another factor which helps to improve alexa rank.

Final Words

Don’t ever go for Black hat methods, it will led you nothing except Google penalty. Always go for white hat method it will help you to get each and everything for long time.

Create some quality and unique content and do more and more content promotion on different Social networks, Bookmarking site and in Blogging Community.

Let me know, Do you agree with the points i had mentioned above ? If you have any more points to add in this post, drop your views in comments below.

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