Know How I got Alexa 90k with 36 Days Old blog

How to Improve Alexa rank Quickly

Alexa rank tells everyone about How any blog/website works relative to others, as it shows rank relative to other websites and blogs. Alexa rank is calculated using a combination of estimated number of unique visitors and number of page views. That blog with biggest combination of unique visitor and page views will get 1st rank.

How to Improve Alexa rank Quickly

From above paragraph you might be thinking that getting good alexa rank only depend on two things :

  • Daily Unique Visitors
  • Daily Page views

But if you will see my traffic report, i got good alexa rank without much traffic according to Google Analytics. So from my point of view there is lot more to do then just driving traffic. In this post i will tell you what steps i had taken to improve Alexa rank.

But before that i will tell you why alexa traffic rank is so important to focus on.

Why Improving Alexa traffic rank is important ?

If you want to make money from your blog on any niche from direct advertisements, Sponsored review then you need to more focus on lowering your alexa rank. Alexa rank always plays an major role in attracting advertisers to your blog.

Whether alexa rank shows true traffic stats or not, it really helps to determine your blog popularity. But now a days advertisers had started going beyond of alexa and rely more on Google Analytic results. So to attract more high paying advertisers displaying your analytic traffic stats will prove quite helpful.

But 1st thing which attract advertisers to your blog is Alexa rank. So having a lower alexa rank will make them more interested in your blog.

There are many black hat tools available which helps to lower alexa rank quickly, which led them to nothing rather than Google penalty.Also “Advertiser are not Fool” they can clearly determine whether your alexa rank is true or not. So don’t ever try to use black hat tool to improve alexa rank quickly.

How i got 90k Alexa Rank in 36 Days for a brand new blog

Have you seen my blog 1st month traffic report ? If yes then you might have seen that i have rarely have high traffic, my 1st month average daily traffic was about 70-80 and daily page views was around 240 which is not quite large. So there are lot more to do on which Alexa rank depends. I had started this blog on 6th of September and now after 36 days i got an alexa rank of 90,835 worldwide, which was great achievement for me with this new blog. Few days ago there was Moz Domain and Page authority got updated in which my blog got DA – 15 and PA – 25 which makes me so happy.

Get Alexa rank under 100k in 30 days

So these were my stats of 36 days old, i hope you to liked it. Now it is the time to share the steps (secrets) which i had taken in these days. Lets start, I followed a daily routine from beginning.

1. Claim your blog domain with Alexa

It really helped me to boost my blog alexa rank quickly even with low traffic. According to me claiming our blog domain with Alexa help them to track each and every traffic coming to our blog. Claiming domain on alexa is very easy Click here >> Enter your Url and Log in via Facebook (You can use email also) >> You will get an Meta Script copy and paste in your blog >> Then click on Verify My ID. And it’s done!

2. Updating Blog Regularly

Updating blog regularly will surely help to get a good alexa rank, i was able to create 17 post in 36 days out of which maximum have 1000+ words. These article have much quality and had attracted both referral and organic traffic. According to me posting content frequently will surely help you to drop alexa rank quickly because :

“More Fresh Content = More Traffic = Quick Drop of Alexa Rank”

Example : My Friends Iftekhar and his team is working on eCloudTimes they update their blog with 15 minimum post weekly and when you will look on their alexa rank it is :- 34,317 and it is 50 days old. So updating blog frequently will surely help to boost your alexa rank.

3. Drive Fresh Traffic

From Fresh Traffic, i mean new traffic which you can get quickly by using Social media like Facebook,Twitter, Google+ and many more. Don’t only go for Social Site also go for Blogging Communities like BlogEngage (Heaven of Blogging Community), Kingged, Klinkk etc. To get new traffic you can also make drop comments on CommentLuv enabled blog, if you will see my traffic report also you can see my major traffic is from referral that mean majority of new traffic, which came from comments on some great blogs only.

4. Creating Deep Internal links

Creating Internal Links is been neglected by most of the bloggers, internal links help your blog audience to navigate on your blog and spend more time this way you are not only reducing your blog bounce rate but also increasing your page views which is another factor which helps to improve alexa rank.

Final Words

Don’t ever go for Black hat methods, it will led you nothing except Google penalty. Always go for white hat method it will help you to get each and everything for long time.

Create some quality and unique content and do more and more content promotion on different Social networks, Bookmarking site and in Blogging Community.

Let me know, Do you agree with the points i had mentioned above ? If you have any more points to add in this post, drop your views in comments below.

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  1. Hii Suprabhat
    Really you got good words in this post. from 2 days i’m googling that how to increase web traffic on blog. i got so many articles but only plenty of them is valid. i claimed my blog to alexa already and yes it helped a lot my blog is 25 days old and only 9 post because of my busy schedule. but if i want to earn some from blogging. i have to be punctual.
    thanxx for your guidelines.
    Avinash recently posted…Send Your Names to Mars on NASA Orion’s First FlightMy Profile

    1. Hey Avinash,

      Good to see you here, I feel proud when i get to hear that i had solved problems and queries of my readers. Thanks for letting me know about it. Claming blog domain on alexa surely help to achieve some good alexa rank.
      And updating blog frequently will surely boost your alexa rank.
      So try to be punctual, post at least 5 post in a week that will be enough,

      Thanks for commenting
      Keep Visiting
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to Install WordPress Quickly ~ Money Making Blog Series Part 5My Profile

  2. Hey Suprabath,

    Nice article man….. Getting below Alexa’s 100k ranking is important for blogs in this niche.. However i need you to do something for me.

    I Have been blogging for the past 7 months and am at 158k alexa ranking.. Could you check my blog and make any recommendations?

    Will really be glad!
    Babshaybell recently posted…TCBIS 1 ~ A Chat With Social Media Expert Reginald ChanMy Profile

  3. Nice post bro,learned a lot of things how to improve alexa and what is his importance. One main point is that it helps to impress the direct advertisers and also it helps for sponsored reviews.By the way,congratulations you for gettings Alexa under 1 lakh in just 36 days because many of us are still trying to develop their Alexa but they won’t..Thanks for such a nice article bro.Keep doing..

  4. Hello Suprabhat,

    First of all Congratulations on your great achievement : )Glad to see that your Alexa ranking is now under 90 K. Alexa mainly helps in driving advertisers to your blog. Blogging communities and communication with other fellow bloggers plays important role in increasing traffic which results in low Alexa rank.

    Thanks for sharing this information and I hope you have a great day.

    Minakshi Srivastava
    Minakshi Srivastava recently posted…Top 20 biggest Companies in India.My Profile

    1. Hey Minakshi,

      Thanks for your wishes,
      Ya it really helps to get direct advertisers, because with help of alexa rank they can judge how active any blog is as compared to others, which not only help them in market their product but also it helps them to get more customers.
      I had started building relationship with others bloggers so that it help me to gain some extra help and knowledge.

      Thanks for sharing your views.
      Keep Visiting
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to Install WordPress Quickly ~ Money Making Blog Series Part 5My Profile

  5. That is absolutely agree..! Update the content regular will signification increase website traffic. You know, I have skip my blog almost three months then the traffic and alexa was a bit bad. However, after I get active and update my content everyday. I found that Alexa is significantly drop down from 800k to 300k in just 2 weeks. Thanks for sharing..! Your own experience..! I really love this articles..
    Kimsea Sok recently posted…The Google Sniper Honest ReviewingMy Profile

    1. Hi Kimsea,

      Welcome to MoneyGossips,
      Yes updating the content on regular basis help bloggers to get high alexa traffic rank quickly.
      As you were not able top update your blog for almost two months so it gone down but as soon as you started updating it, your blog rank dropped significantly.
      So you can guess how important it is to update blog to boost ranking.

      Thanks for sharing your views
      Keep Visiting
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to Install WordPress Quickly ~ Money Making Blog Series Part 5My Profile

  6. Hi Suprabhat

    Big congratulations on this huge success. It will make you work harder and cross more milestones.

    You rightly pointed out the important steps to achieve higher Alexa rank. It all depends upon the quality of post you create and how consistently you update your contents.

    I am sure in near future you will make more achievements and again share some more good news with us.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post that vocally speaks of the fact that hard work always pays.
    Mi Muba recently posted…How to create 4 expert-opinion blog posts in one go? Plus an ebookMy Profile

    1. Hi Mi Muba,

      I am surely do more and more hard work and will not going to look back again. Thanks for your wishes.
      We can achieve Higher alexa rank by updating quality content daily, as eCloudtimes is updated 15 times in a week which helped them to achieve 34k in less than 50 days.

      I will try to achieve my major aim.
      Wish you the same
      Thanks for commenting
      Keep Visiting
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to Install WordPress Quickly ~ Money Making Blog Series Part 5My Profile

  7. Thanks bro for this post the verification with alexa was new to me and thanks to clear all your strategy that how much visitors you are getting at that time and all other things

  8. This is a nice article . Thanks for sharing.

    I have been working on these steps but am not able to update my blog due to busy schedule. Will guest posting proove to be good method? Heard that its no longer a good method.

  9. Hi Suprabhat,

    I’m deeply delighted to read this nice post of yours. Just as you have stated in your article; low alexa rank is what increases the chances of a blogger to win contracts with advertising companies.
    Though i’m new to blogging, but the sight of my alexa rank is way too discouraging. I will put your points into practice and of course; contact you via email or facebook to get more assistance.
    I will be glad if that could be possible.

    Thanks for sharing such a nice article, do have a wonderful time
    Ngwu Chinedu Joseph recently posted…An Informative Interview With Nosa Ero Nosa of TechRezMy Profile

    1. Hey Ngwu Chinedu,

      Welcome to MoneyGossips, i feel great to make friends like you,
      Advertisers look for alexa because it help them to identify whether the blog is active or not. If they found active they will surely contact you soon for a deal.

      Though Alexa doesn’t give exact details of traffic stat but it give a near about result as compared to others.
      Sure you can contact me anytime anywhere.
      I will reply you soon.

      Thanks for commenting
      Suprabhat recently posted…Get Free Images for Your Blog and Optimize it! ~ Part 12My Profile

  10. Hello Suprabhat,
    first of all congratulations!
    Great result! Under 100k of Alexa in so little time is a nice achievement.

    As per improving Alexa, I was aware that publishing at least one post a day will bring your blog under 20k in 3 months.
    I know it, because I did it few years ago.

    The bad side?
    It is hard to keep writing good content everyday for several weeks.
    It takes time, and a lot of efforts!

    Thanks for sharing,
    really interesting.
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted…4 Bloggers Share Their Best Ways to Make Money OnlineMy Profile

    1. Hey Erik,

      Thanks for your wishes, i really need it.

      Updating blog on regular basis with quality content will surely boost alexa rank quickly. Good to know that you had done this before.
      But updating quality content on regular basis will consume a lot of time.
      So rather than applying our so much time we can spend a little daily.

      Thanks for commenting
      Keep Visiting
      Suprabhat recently posted…3 Ways to Write Blog Post that makes Money {Like Harsh Agrawal}My Profile

  11. Hi Suprabhat,

    Thanks for sharing this nice strategy.
    I also happy with one of my blog named bloggingshout.com Alexa Rank. I got less than 100K within 2 months of starting my blog and after 5 months now my it’s Alexa rank is 44k. I just update my blog on a regular basis, got huge traffic from search engine and publish a post about Alexa. These helps me to get a better Alexa Rank quickly and easily.
    Manik recently posted…Best IT Company in Bangladesh | Drins Tech LimitedMy Profile

  12. Hi Suprabhat,

    Congrats for your remarkable success within a few day. You really deserves it. It shows that you have really work hard to achieve this awesome success.

    Here you have shared some of effective ways to improve our alexa rank within short span of time. The strategy which you have discussed are really useful for every blogger those who want to achieve success in this field.

    All the best my friend and keep blogging.

    Swapnadip Chakraborty recently posted…How To Increase Page Views Of Your BlogMy Profile

  13. Hi Suprabhat,

    Sorry for being late, just been SO busy with the new blog community and forum, though glad I found time now 🙂

    I think I wrote all my views in the post about Alexa rank on my blog a few months back. I’d just like to add that have more blogger and Internet marketer friends because they all for sure have the Alexa toolbar installed in their web browser.

    So, when these people frequently visit and browse your blog, your Alexa rank gets better. I don’t think linking has got much to do with your Alexa rank. But yes, great social media promotion will increase the chances of Alexa toolbar bearer visitors to your blog.

    With the changes in Google algorithms, now Alexa too is changing and great values the user experience on the blog represented by the factors such as bounce rate, time spent on the site, pageviews, pageviews per users etc.

    Thank you for this post which I’m sure will help many bloggers. Happy Weekend 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…7 Harsh Realities Of Blogging That Bloggers Should KnowMy Profile

    1. Hey Harleena,

      Welcome to MoneyGossips, your comment surely gonna provide more value to my blog. I had read that post that Internet Marketer and Bloggers had installed alexa toolbar which help alexa to estimate traffic more accurately.
      Even i had heard more social media promotion helps boosting alexa rank, but i had not promoted my blog on social media so i am not sure does this thing really help or not.

      Thanks for commenting here.
      Keep Visiting and read MoneyGossips
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to build Email List and Why it is essential ?My Profile

  14. Hello Suprabhat ,

    I totally agree with you man, these points that you have listed and mentioned here are all superb. These tips, if applied in the right manner then the results will be awesome.

    I have run giveaways in the past and I must say that they have helped to increase the traffic on my blog.

    Thanks for all the wonderful points here pal. Keep on blogging!

    1. Hey Vineet,

      Good to see you here on MoneyGossips,
      I had shared this all point because i had applied this step and followed the routine daily which helped me to get this Alexa rank near about a month.
      Giveaway surely help to drive more traffic to blog. Due to this one can get emails as well as traffic for further use.

      Thanks for commenting
      Suprabhat recently posted…Get Free Images for Your Blog and Optimize it! ~ Part 12My Profile

  15. Great post, Its really inspiring to know that you’ve got that stats in 36 days. I know it must take lot of your efforts and strategies.

    Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hi Suprabhat,
    First of all I would like to congratulate you for such a great achievement in a short span of time.
    You have worked really hard and smart.. I am really happy that we had been accompanied each other in many projects.

    Your this blog is really awesome and helping each and everyone very much either it may be a newbie or a pro blogger.

    Now, coming to the article you’ve mentioned some tips and tricks to increase Alexa rank like fresh traffic, regular updates, etc..

    I would also like to add up some more points which can really help each and every webmaster to improve Alexa rapidly.

    1. Making more and natural back links
    2. Installing Alexa toolbar
    3. Installing scripts in your theme which let Alexa think all the visitors having Alexa toolbar installed.

    There are more such tricks which can easily help us to improve Alexa rankings.

    I am planning to write a complete guide in the form of an eBook to bring Alexa less than 100k within 30days or less.

    Once it is completed, I will let you know as well as share with you all for free.

    Thanks for such a informative post.
    Vinay Kumar Katiyar recently posted…The TOD! Chat With Paul Billygraham Reang of ChrometechnyMy Profile

  17. Thanks for sharing this knowledge, it has always being a problem for me to get low alexa ranks, bt this post had helped me! Thank you

  18. awesome stuff man!
    But my question is:
    Does diversity of traffic
    (organic, social, referral, direct)
    affects alexa ranking?

  19. Hey Suprabhat,
    Great Case study, bringing alexa rank down is like ever before 😮 😮 😮 You’re Awesome ! My personal experience: one of my blog is 3 months old i publish a post once in a week & drive some HQ traffic got my alexa rank down
    placed alexa widget & install alexa extension in my browser and now my alexa rank is around 150K will bring much more down after reading this post feeling enthusiastic 🙂

    Issac paul
    issac paul recently posted…5 Worst Advice You Follow For Your SmartphoneMy Profile

  20. Hey hi,
    Nice article man
    Getting below Alexa’s 100k ranking is important for blogs in this niche.
    However i need you to do something for me.
    I Have been blogging for the past 7 months and am at 158k alexa ranking.
    Could you check my blog and make any recommendations?
    Will really be glad!

  21. Hello Suprabhat Bro, Thanks for your this Post. Yes, Really Alexa rank is just like a magic for me when i saw that my alexa rank was getting down day by day. You know that, i started my blog 15 days ago and i got my alexa under 5 lakhs. As well i am newcomer it’s just amazing for me 🙂 I am going to follow your these steps from today. Hope, i will also get alexa under 100000 before 39 days 😀

    TonmoyParves recently posted…Top 9 Killer Powerful Tips Regarding Utilizing Facebook In Order to Boost the E commerce StoreMy Profile

  22. Hello Suprabhat Bro !!

    I am agree with Every point u mention here !!! And updating your frequently is one of best way to get a good Alexa rank in short time

  23. Ya You Are Right That Updating The Blog Frequently Helps In Increasing Alexa Rank .
    This Was On My self Experience Of Blogging .
    After 7 Months I Evenly Not Got Rank Under 1 Million .
    Because I Was Not Regular Due To My Examinations .
    Now I Am Regular And Trying To Improve My Blog .
    Wanna Want To Know How To Choose A Correct Theme For My Blog
    Could You Write About Choosing A Right Theme For The Right Niche .

    Aditya recently posted…Remove Pre-Installed Application From AndroidMy Profile

  24. Hi Suprabhat,
    You are right, Alexa rank is really very important in many ways such as to get direct advertisement, affiliating sale, trust etc.
    no doubt, update blog frequently is a result of improve Alexa rank.

    I have a question about Alexa rank. I heard somewhere If some one related to your Niche that installed Alexa widget visit your blog and participate, then you can improve Alexa rank but most of my visitor are those that have not any blog because my niche related to Entertainment. then how I can improve my Alexa?

    Thanks in advance

    Areesha Noor!
    Areesha Noor recently posted…Happy New Year 2016 WishesMy Profile

  25. Add alexa rank icon your website and then share relevant and informative posts on popular social networking sites, including relevant groups and communities so that readers visit on your website. As more people start visiting on your website (alexa rank icon installed) your alexa rank will start decreasing.

  26. Hello,
    It’s actually a great and useful piece of info. I’m happy that you just shared this useful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yeah Tejas,

      This steps will help you get good alexa rank in short span of time, What you have to do is just be active and keep writing quality posts and that’s all you need.

  27. Alexa Rank is Still Important, I do followed your steps
    I claimed my site to Alexa
    I installed Alexa Toolbar
    I added Alexa Rank Widget
    I update blog Daily
    Thanks for the HQ post, it really helped me to improve my Alexa Rank

  28. This article is one of the craziest of all articles right from submitting Url on Alexa to making it to 90,000 on Alexa rankings in 36 Days.

    Superb motivational article for all high dream bloggers of the globe.

    I tried latest on this blog Hair Transplant in Mumbai

    Thanks for contributing a vital role in my blogging career !

  29. Thank you very mcu, Suprabhat! alexa rank is really important and the tips you have provided are very helpful. I will use these tips to get a better rank for my blog.

  30. Alexa has always been a mystery to me. Followed all the steps you’ve mentioned and now looking forward to the next Alexa update. Hoping to see a positive result soon!

  31. Yes, Alexa rank plays a very important role to get rankings to your site. Not only ranking but get more visitors. I like the way of your explanation. It will definitely helps me. Until I studied this post I really don’t know ” more visitors- good Alexa rank.”

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