Top 10 Innovative Marketing Strategies to Increase Brand Awareness


Creating brand awareness is very essential for your business success. To expand your clients and grow your business, you need to reach out for more people even those overseas. You might be having a business idea or a new brand that you would wish to bring to the attention of the public.

 You need innovative branding strategies which will create awareness in the market. Or, you might just be interested in exploring what lies beyond your municipality. Whichever the case, the marketing strategies outlined in this peace will prove useful to you. Keep reading.

1. Use Promotional Merchandise

Think of giving out branded gifts or selling items at subsidised prices. For instance, you can choose a commonly used item say pens. Your company or organisation can produce pens branded with your business name and sell them at half the market price.

One thing to remember is that the pens become the ambassadors and quality, in this case, is key. It will be useless to give out branded pens which run out of ink really fast. Otherwise, your product name will surely be tarnished and that is the last thing any business person can wish for in their lives.

You have to be creative with the gifts you are giving out and they should be of the best quality. That’s the only way to create a long lasting impression.

2. Sponsor Social Activities

There is no better platform where you can create a product awareness than places where social activities are held.You can sponsor a football tournament or any other relevant popular social activities of your choice. The activity so chosen should target the intended clients.

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If your product is popular among people over 45 years of age, then you would think of sponsoring a golf tournament as opposed to football. That makes you meet face-to-face with your prospective clients and gives you a better chance to brand yourself.

Live event where to hunt for more clients. Free-Photos | Pixabay.com

3. Use paid Ads

Social media platforms such as Facebook can help you reach out to many people globally within seconds. You can advertise on such platforms using the business’ official account or use the paid ads that are offered on such platforms. Also, take advantage influencers to help you create your brand awareness.

Influencers have millions of followers. These people can help promote your product by influencing people to buy your product. Increased sales will mean increased returns for the business.

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4. Give Referral Rewards

The phrase “tell a friend to tell a friend” still has relevance in modern marketing. Turn your loyal customers into salespersons by offering referral credits. Offer them discount for any new referral or anything in appreciation.

Keep track of all your customers to help you know who whether the plan is working or not. You can also give out free branded T-shirts to them when they come with new clients. Such incentives are very influential.

Many companies and organisations are already implementing it and it will surely work for you as well.


5. Local Partnership

No one is an island and no one stands alone. There are other businesses within your locality which already have names and the upcoming ones. Partner with any of them without discrimination for mutual benefit.

Two or more businesses dealing indifferent products can come together to hold something like a live event or a road show. Chances are that the clients from these different business firms will attend such an event. One out of ten of them would be interested in trying out the other product.

There is also a possibility that your good relationship with other business persons will get you more clients as they will be willing to refer people to you.

6. New Membership Benefits

This should not be confused with the referral awards discussed earlier in this piece. To get more sales means you will need more clients. To attract more clients mean you win new clients while maintaining the regular ones. Maintain quality to keep the hard-earned clients.

The problem is winning new customers who have not have a taste of what you offer. You can attract new customers by offering discounts or gifts to them. That is a wise way of telling them to come again with their friends.

7. Design attractive company logo and lapel pins

This not only boosts your worker’s morale but also will also help you create brand awareness. You can get customised logos and lapel pins for your product at Vivipins. You also need T-shirts branded with the business names and logos.

Attractive Logo

You can also have the lapel pins printed on the neckties or any other appropriate place within the premise or in the advertisement posters. An employee walking in the streets in a branded outfit isa salesperson. Click here to place an order for an attractive pin which brands your product in a unique way.

8. Translating Brand Voices

This applies to a business which is not localised but targets global clients. To reach out to as many people as possible, you need to have the information regarding your business or services translated into different languages. For instance, your company website should have different versions of the same in different languages.

Any visitor would be excited to read more in a language he or she understands best. He or she will learn more about the brand.

9.  Publish a magazine

This is one of the most underrated methods that has worked magic in many cases. A properly designed magazine will create brand awareness more effectively with less effort. Don’t bore readers with many content. Keep it short and to the point.

One publication of a magazine can market your brand for many years.

10. Use Branded Packaging

Branding and Packaging

You don’t have to think about spending to market your brand all the time. The only free opportunity you have is using branded packaging. All the products you sell need to have the business name plus logo clearly printed on them.

It’s important to invest in customized product packaging to use your own design, display your logo on your products, and raise brand awareness. Customized packaging also helps you save on cost since you can get the ideal packaging size for your product and choose the packaging material you want to use. 

Many business owners who don’t use customized packaging choose boxes that are too big for their products, requiring them to use more fillers and pay more for shipping. Moreover, a bigger box means more space for the items to move around and possibly get damaged. Be sure to select packaging that is best suited to your products. For instance, using blister packaging for capsules or tablets keeps them clean and uncontaminated, is lightweight for postage, and makes the package tamper-proof as well. By investing in custom branded packaging, you not only increase your brand recall but also save on shipping costs and reduce the risks of unsatisfied customers and product returns.

Other people will get attracted to your brand as they will feel part of the business. Shoppers are proud of where they shop and it is true for any other business. Advertise on your products for free!

The bottom line

Much has been said thus far. Using this branding tips will take your business to the top within no time. Try implementing them as discussed and you will run coming to share with us your outcome. Do it or do it!

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