Tips to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Local Blog

Organic Traffic

Did you know that you can increase the organic traffic of your blog or website on your own? It takes time and consistent effort, but with a little self-education, you can master the art and science of improving your search engine ranking and generating traffic without spending big bucks.

Here are four tips to get you started.

Use long-tail key phrases and keywords

Keywords are specific words used to optimize a blog or website. In simpler terms, placing relevant keywords on different pages on your site allows search engines to find your website when a user types in a related search query.

While using keywords is good practice, it’s the long-tail keywords that can help improve your site’s search engine ranking and bring in more visitors. For instance, if you sell bespoke wedding cakes, you would have the keywords “wedding” and “cakes” etc. on your site, but to gain traction, also include specific key phrases such as “New Jersey Wedding Cakes,” “Designer wedding cakes” and so on.

Invest in content marketing

As great content is the top driver of traffic to any site, develop and publish high-quality content in the form of blog posts, eBooks, instructional or informational videos, infographics, editorials, interviews, product reviews, podcasts, case studies, white papers, tutorials, and so forth.

And don’t forget to market this content on social media and related websites in your niche. According to industry experts, the more quality blog post content you publish on your blog and elsewhere, the greater organic traffic you will receive.

Use a reliable backlinking service

Backlinking Service

Backlinking is a great way to strengthen your online presence and be seen by your potential customer base. Backlinking refers to publishing guest posts on popular local websites with in-content links that point back to your own site.

Building a strong backlink network is an important part of increasing a site’s organic traffic. Use an authentic, white-hat backlinking service such as Outreach Monks to build effective backlinks on reputed websites, raise your Google ranking and enhance the online presence of your business.

Aside from hiring a professional agency, you can also ask your friends, business associates, vendors and other industry contacts to partner with you in a mutual guest-post exchange program.

Optimize and reuse existing content

While you must continue to create awesome new content, recycling old content is a great way to utilize your past work to bring more organic traffic to your site. For instance, convert a set of old articles into an eBook or a webinar into a video and share the links to these on your social media pages, letting people know that they are free to view/download.

If your content is useful, interesting and relevant, recycling is bound to get desired results.

Optimizing, updating and improving old blog posts with current keywords and republishing them on your site is another great way to increase organic traffic easily and swiftly. Do know that stale and outdated information can put off your readers, so remember to update old posts before republishing.

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