How to Increase Storage Space on Your iPhone with Just a Simple Tweak

How to Increase Storage Space on Your iPhone with Just a Simple Tweak

Recently I have came across an unusual iPhone hack which increased the available storage space on my iPhone. You will not believe that this trick has helped me in freeing up around 3 GB of space on my iPhone. If you are using a lower capacity iOS device then this trick is for you.

I have bought iPhone 6 storage capacity of 16 GB last year, due to low storage capacity I have to take backup and store media in my PC to continue using it smoothly. From last 2 months I have been cleaning my iOS storage device once in every 3 weeks as I take a lot of selfies and pictures. Coming to the point again.

Simple Tweak to Increase Storage Space on iPhone

To see the trick in action make sure that you have checked the available storage space on your iPhone. To check that Go to Settings>> General>> About and scroll down to “Available” here you can check available storage space on your iPhone.

Now Head to the iTunes Store. Here you have to search for the film which is bigger then the space left on your iPhone. I searched for “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” which is of around 6.84 GB and it will surely do the trick.

How to Increase Storage Space on Your iPhone

After that click on “Rent” at the top of the page. Don’t worry you will not be charged, and an error box will pop up saying that you don’t have enough available storage.

How to Increase Storage Space on Your iPhone 2016

Now click on Ok and head back to Settings and again check the Available storage. Now you will find huge increase in iPhone Storage space quite significantly.

This tweak helps in clearing around 4 Gigabytes of storage space in iPhone’s. This trick was 1st discussed on Reddit’s iPhone forum, where some users claimed that they have got around 4 GB of storage space.


It is still not completely clear what cause the potential increase in storage space, but it seems like huge file size download cause the phone to clear it cache memory. It is a continuous process and can do whenever your iPhone run low on space to force clean out, freeing up a lot of storage space and hence increasing storage capacity of iPhone’s.

If this trick worked for you don’t forget to share it among your iPhone users & friends. Hit the social share button below or beside the screen to reach more people. Thanks!

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