10 Easy STEPS to get Massive Twitter Followers

10 Easy Steps to Increase Twitter Followers

Do you know every second twitter has around 7,000 summing up around more than 500 millions of tweets in a single day. Among all the twitter users around 40% (645.7 millions) are just spectators which means they only see others tweeting without themselves tweeting anything.

So from now after knowing this, I don’t see any chance of ignoring this huge marketing platform.

Would you like to know how to increase your twitter followers? If Yes! then in this post you will learn some easy steps which will help you in getting massive twitter followers in less time.

A Common Story of New Twitter Accounts:

You just created a new twitter account, while making social accounts for your new website/blog. In the first month you any how managed to get 50 followers by promoting your twitter account across your other social accounts, inviting friends and adding friends from contact list.

But you stuck there and don’t know how to grow more than 100 or 1000+ followers! Right? Even I was stuck in such situations in my initial days. From that time I started making some strategies to got some serious plans to increase twitter followers easily.

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How to get Massive Twitter Followers?

Before you start applying the tactics you must have a twitter profile with perfect professional looking twitter profile that people will like to follow. So we will learn how to create a professional looking twitter profile. Let’start:

How to built a perfect twitter profile that people will like to follow?

How to create Twitter Profile
Profile of Rebekah Radice

If you have taken a look on some professional twitter profiles, you will find some of things common which make their twitter account stand different among others and attractive among those millions of users.

1.Twitter Handle:

If you have created Twitter account previously then you already might know what twitter handles are. These are nothing but username you choose while sign up. On twitter no one likes to follow a handle that is irrelevant. Your twitter handles must be:

  • Short and Simple!
  • Never use emotion provoking handles.
  • If your twitter handle is not available, then try looking for username including numbers in it.

2. Profile Pictures & Cover Photos:

As you use Facebook, Twitter also has some options of adding profile pictures & cover photos, so you should use this features as well.

  • Use any of your pictures or add an avatar that represents you or your business in your profile pictures, avoid using pictures of others like celebrity, cat etc, as it doesn’t look professional at all.
  • Twitter allows you to add cover photos, so use them to promote your product or business.

3. Add Perfect Bio/Description:

Twitter provides you an option to show off what you are and what you can do with an word limit of 140 words. So use it wisely to add who you are and what you do. It will help you attract more and more followers.

  • Use 1 Hashtag regarding your business or blog niche.
  • Also you can add one link into your bio, so use one link wisely!

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 10 Easy STEPS to get Massive Twitter Followers

If you had grown a big audience on twitter, but if the audience are not targeted then they are of no use. So the 1st thing we have to do is attracting targeted audience who will love to interact with your post.

Many of the people sees growing massive twitter followers as a challenging process but if all the tactics used wisely and dedicatedly one can easily have 1000’s of followers quickly. Here are the 10 easy steps to get massive twitter followers:

1.Tweet Often:

Tweeting often is one of the great way to get noticed by others. The more you tweet on twitter, the more you get noticed among others, and more chance you will secure of getting retweets(sharing of same tweet by others). If people retweets your tweet it will increase your chance of getting more followers by spreading your content.

2. Tweet Valuable Content:

You should tweet valuable content, that people will love to retweet, If you will see, there are many tweets but some famous kind of tweets which are retweeted most are Motivational quotes, Incredible articles, Images and Videos.

3. Follow people who are likely to follow you back:

When you follow other twitter users, they are likely to follow you back. So be sure that you follow only those people who are likely to follow you back and are related to your business/niche only. You can identify this by looking at their bios and kind of the people they are following, whether they are likely to retweet your content or not.

Some people will not follow you back as they don’t want to get unfollowed later as most of the twitter users do generally.

4. Have conversations with others:

Conversations allow you to build better connection with your followers, the more better connection you have with your followers, chances of your tweets getting retweets will increase. You can have conversations with potential influencers via tweets and once your build connection with them they are more likely to follow you back and hence chances of getting more followers get doubled. Influencers just want to know who you are and what you do. Once they get to know who you are, they are more likely to follow you back.

5. Bring People from your other Social Network to follow you on Twitter:

Share your Twitter profiles on other Social networks like your Facebook Profile, LinkedIn, Google+ Circle and Pinterest to get some extra audience and share them periodically after an interval of weeks or months. When you are trying to build audience on other social networks, you need to tell your audience that you have an account on other networks as well. So genuine one can follow you everywhere!

6. Tweet With Pictures:

How to Increase Twitter Followers Massively

As we all know pictures say a lot even more than 1,000 words. So tweeting with amazing pictures will add more value to your tweet and in return will increase engagement among your followers. It has been already proved that tweets with pictures get 20% more engagement that tweet containing words only.

7. Promote your Twitter Account on Your Blog:

If you have blog/business which have interactive and engaging audience. Then placing a follow button on your blog will allow them to follow you on twitter as well. But make sure that they don’t have to leave your blog while following you on twitter, to make sure that you build connection without loosing your audience.

8. Retweet Other Users Tweet’s:

If you are’nt retweeting tweet every day, then you are using twitter wrongly. When you retweet someone else tweets, that person get happy and feel grateful which make him Tweet containing words like “Thanks for RT”(Retweet) which will let there followers know that you are an active twitter which will increase your profile reach as well. If you retweet enough of someones tweet most likely they will show their appreciation by following your back.

9. Pin Your Most Popular Tweet:

Increase Twitter Followers Massively

By pinning your most popular tweet you allow that tweet to get more popular that before. And popular tweet indicates that someone is popular which makes others to follow back. When new users land on your profile and will see that your tweet get that much retweet it will automatically make them to follow you.

10. Get Interviewed and Interview Others Too:

Interviewing other people or getting interviewed will tell your audience and their audience about you. From where you will get more audience to decide whether to follow you on twitter. So never stop interviewing others and getting interviewed.

Note: Use trending hashtags, which will help you engage more followers . So try to use related hashtags in your tweet so that other users can find your content easily.

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By applying all the above steps, it will gain massive twitter followers everyday. The more twitter followers you get, the more your twitter reach will increase. Getting 1,000 followers will put you among top 5% of all of twitter users, which is really an big accomplishment.

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