How Instagram is Used To Affect Behaviour Change


Opinions on Instagram will vary depending on who you talk to, but all will agree on the power that it wields. Instagram provides an ecosystem in which any individual can express themselves and the values that they align with, which often leads to the creation of online communities. If you are beginning to conceptualise your behaviour change campaign and hadn’t considered what Instagram could do for your platform, here are some effects and benefits you can expect.

It rallys awareness

The lifecycle of a viral video happens on social media. That can encompass cat videos right through to your behaviour change message. Brands and causes can roll out a uniform video or image that will signify the movement, encouraging users to do the same by resharing. By setting up an account for your behaviour change campaign you can post frequently, breaking down each part of your campaign story and alerting your market to the growth and progress of the campaign.

You can also advertise your message through ‘sponsored’ posts, reaching an even greater number of potential advocates. Your ad campaigns can be awareness or conversion focused, leading to a central landing page or your campaign social account.

Accessible to all

If you are thinking that ‘my market is not on Instagram’, you could be mistaken. According to 2018 social media data, each month there is nine million active Australian users on Instagram. These numbers are hard to compete with, and give you the ability to serve your message to users at all hours of the day, wherever they are.

While your campaign should also exist outside of the realms of Instagram, it serves as a fertile platform to either start, maintain or wind down your behaviour change campaign. Incorporate Instagram in your campaign plan as the accessibility potential is great, and it gives your message an always-on frequency.

Low barrier to entry

Prominent behaviour change campaigns will have the luxury of a diverse media plan that includes television, radio, out of home and digital. Social media will always make up a part of this marketing mix, and can often take the lionshare of content distribution for campaigns with smaller budgets.

With a lower barrier to entry, you could effectively run several small-scale campaigns through Instagram alone. Creating and executing a content plan for Instagram can be free, with the only investment being ad spend and content production. At this positions Instagram as an attractive channel if you have many bite-sized campaigns that make up a greater message.

Find and leverage your ambassadors

Influencers and ambassadors are made on Instagram. Why? Because they represent a voice, style or look that resonates with a large group of users who are influenced by their behaviour and alliances. Use Instagram as a platform to scout and leverage ambassadors that best represent your behaviour change, and work to collaborate on translating that change message into their audience. If you select correctly, your ambassador will not have to work too much outside of their tone, as your values will be shared.

Facilitates informal communication

When it comes to social, a different tone of voice is not only allowed, but encouraged. This informal style of communication cuts through the noise, and lands with the market in a more authentic way. Instagram will give you the freedom to engage and connect with your audience, without the need for public statements, press secretary’s or organising a forum to do so. If you have clearly defined who your market is, you will be able to target these individuals on Instagram and engineer a tone of voice that will pack the most impact.

Instagram is a powerful channel that has brought success and awareness to individuals and causes alike. Incorporate this channel in your marketing mix, and see how you can transform your behaviour change campaign.

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