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How to Install Paid iOS Apps for Free without Jailbreak ?

How to install Paid iOS apps for Free without Jailbreak

Do you know you can download each and every paid apps available in App store for free without Jailbreak. Yes it is true and has been tested by me itself, I got a way in which we can download every paid app for free and I am sure you also want to enjoy paid apps for free, Right ? So Today I decided to write an article though which you will learn How to install paid iOS apps for free without Jailbreak.

How to Install Paid iOS Apps for Free without Jailbreak ?

I have seen many people jailbreaking their iOS device just to get their favorite paid apps and games without paying for it. Even before they get to know about the disadvantages and how it can harm your iOS device they jailbreak it.

Disadvantages of iOS Jailbreak :

  • You actually delete iOS which has been made by Apple and install other Operating System on your device which is based on iOS.
  • Apple is known for its Data security, when you jailbreak your firewall is not enough strong as it use to be earlier.
  • After jailbreaking you can download apps and games from anywhere, and you don’t even check if those apps contains virus or not. This viruses can crash or brick your device quickly.

My only aim of writing this post is to stop iOS users to stop jailbreaking their iOS device and getting their paid apps and games for free.

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Learn How to Install Paid iOS apps for Free without Jailbreak

Coming back again to the topic, in this post you will learn how to download paid iOS apps without Jailbreak. Below are the following steps you need to follow :

1. Open Safari on your smartphone and visit this link and download Tongbu.

Paid iOS apps for Free without JailBreak

2. Once website loads completely, you need to download Tongbu app by clicking on Apple logo and some Chinese text over there, Tap it and wait till it get download.

3. Now open Tongbu app on your iOS device, tap on search icon which is at the bottom center as shown below.

Tongbu Search

4. After that search for any paid app you want there, once you get your desired app click on Green button beside the Title of app.

5. After download get complete, a popup will appear which will ask you to allow permission to install your paid app.

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That’s all you need to do to download paid iOS apps for free without jailbreak, till now I had faced no issue while installing paid apps for free on iOS. One thing which I like the most in this is that we also get updates from App store, if any update of those apps is released.

I hope you have learned enough about How to install paid iOS apps for free without jailbreak. Let me know if you face any issue, while installing Tongbu or any Paid iOS app on your smartphone or iPad. Keep sharing and visit us for more.

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