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How to Install WordPress on Hostgator India Hosting

Install WordPress on Hostgator India

One can easily install WordPress on Hostgator India Hosting in less than 7 minutes, if it is your 1st your time don’t worry you can also install WordPress on Hostgator India within 10 minutes. Do you know Hostgator India is one of the top leading WordPress hosting company in Indian which is running millions of website without facing issue. My friends has been using Hostgator India since 2012 and still they are hosting their blogs on Hostgator Indian Server. Those who don’t have any technical knowledge can use Hostgator India to get started.

Install WordPress on Hostgator India

If your blog receives high traffic, then I would recommend you not to go with Hostgator India as you may face downtime several time. Due to this reason I had shifted from Hostgator.in to Hostgator.com, if any site use 25% of the CPU usage then surely you will face many issues. On numbers if your blog have traffic around 12,000 per day then you can use it  and that too with proper optimization else you should look for another option.

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How to Install WordPress in Hostgator India Hosting ?

Follow this simple & effective steps to install WordPress on Hostgator India Hosting, Here we go :

  • Your 1st step is to Sign Up with Hostgator India, once done you will receive mail which will contain the name servers. You have to add this name servers in your domain DNS settings. If you are buying domain and hosting from same place then it will be there by default.
  • Now again go to Hostgator India & Log in to your Control Panel (Cpanel) with the details you have received in mail.
  • Head over to Quick WordPress Installation (QWI) tool or Softaculous under Software and Service tabs.
  • You can either click on QWI or click on Softaculous.
  • Here you have to click on “WordPress”.
  • Now click on “Install”.
  • In this step you have to choose domain name and fill all the necessary details about your blog/website to install WordPress on Hostgator India.
  • At last you have to enter your email address & hit “Install”.
  • Wait for installation it will hardly take 5 seconds
  • Congratulations! you had installed WordPress on Hostgator India.

This was all about How to install WordPress on Hostgator India within 7 minutes. After that you can start working on your WordPress theme design and adding content anything you want to do with your blog/websites on WordPress.

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If you face any problem while installing WordPress in Hostgator India, put down your comments below, I will assist you in installing WordPress on your server.

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