How to Install WordPress Quickly ~ Money Making Blog Series Part 5

How to Install WordPress

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Today I will tell you How to Install WordPress Quickly and the best thing is that WordPress installation is very easy. Even if you are a newbie you can install it easily in less than 5 minutes. You will be surprised to know that WordPress is also popular due to ease of its Installation.

Right Now we are on Part V of Newbie Money Making Blog Series ! Before that we had discussed How to Select Right WordPress Hosting for your Money Making Blog, if you had not bought hosting yet must read this post.

How to Install WordPress

So let’s start, in this article we will learn How to install WordPress in less than 5 minutes. There are many ways to install WordPress, some are complicated while some are easy. Now a days most of the Web hosting provider are providing some scripts for quick installation. If you are using Hostgator Cpanel then you will have two choice between Fantastico and Quickinstall. There are other web host which have Softaculous installedCpanel is the most widely used PHP control Panel, if you are using it you can Contact me.

NB : Installing WordPress using FTP is very old method and Time consuming, i will not tell this here.

Let’s start with QuickInstall –>

How to Install WordPress using QuickInstall in less than 5 Minutes

Log In to your Cpanel Dashboard with your ID and Password as provided by hosting providers and look for the Software/Service section. You will find something like this in as shown in image below.

 How to Install WordPress Quickly


1. Click On QuickInstall. A new window will open like this as shown in below.

How to Install WordPress Quickly

2. Click on WordPress which you will find in left sidebar, then click continue.

3. After that you will find another new window where you have to

choose the domain and enter some details .

 Installing WordPress


If you want to install WordPress on the root ( your blog domain then leave the space in front of domain empty otherwise ( can enter already created directory to install the script. Now you need to enter some details as marked in above picture.

  • Enter your email ID through which you want to access your blog.
  • Enter Title Name for your Blog like i have MoneyGossips
  • Enter Admin User name  (Don’t use Admin here)
  • Enter your First and Last name
  • Then Hit “Install Now
  • Your WordPress Blog is ready 😉

NB : Enter your email address to receive all data related to your WordPress Money Making Blog

Now You have a fresh copy of WordPress Installed on your blog, now you can start modifying your blog and start posting. In next article i.e Part VI i will tell you How to Increase your WordPress blog Security and avoid getting hacked, Until then if you have any queries you can ask them in comments below.

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