Making Money: 3 Investment Ideas That Can Get You The Best Return

Investment Ideas

If you are thinking of making your money work for you, chances are you are considering investing as an option. Investing money for returns has long been a popular choice when it comes to those looking to either boost their financial standing or build their retirement portfolio. There are many different opportunities available for you to invest in but as an investor, you will ultimately be looking for ideas where your returns are maximised. While the market is constantly shifting and changing, here are a few formidable investment options if you are looking to make some cash.

Penny Stocks Can Get You Started

These stocks are a good idea for those new to investing or looking to start small. The main reason for this centers around the affordability of penny stocks. They normally trade for less than $5 so with a small investment, you can make a decent return. The key to being successful with penny stocks is to your research and diversify your portfolio. It may be tempting to put all of your cash into one lucrative stock but diversification acts as a buffer. Beware of scams; there are many of them claiming to earn a good return for minimal investment. It is always a good idea to consult an advisor and gain access to the financials of the company you are looking at. Robo advisors such as Betterment and Scripbox can offer professional and cost-effective advice. As rewarding as the market can be, it also comes with the risk of market volatility so tread carefully.

The Metal Market Has A Solid Past

Metal market

The precious metal market has a strong record of giving a good return to investors. Precious metal prices are predicted to do well in 2019 according to several investment companies. Another reason to invest in precious metals is the reduced exposure to risks including currency risk and have been shown to maintain their power throughout economic conditions including inflation. This makes it one of the safest bets you can make when investing your money.

Peer To Peer Platforms Are Future Game-Changers (And Money-Makers)

Technology will continue to redefine the world of finance as we know it and that is all the more reason to get in on the action. The year 2018 saw peer to peer lending platforms establish their place in the Indian economy thanks to the fintech revolution. With the country being termed a hotbed for financial technology investment and innovation, it makes sense that P2P predictions for the future remain strong. Many startups are still in their early stages which means buying in can come at an accessible price and you typically receive returns of 6 percent and upwards. The second half of 2018 showed strong growth in loan disbursements and increased visibility. More consumers are accepting P2P platforms as an acceptable form of borrowing and with a demand for affordable borrowing options, investing in digital lending platforms may be a smart financial decision.

Above all, remember to seek the advice of a professional before investing and get to know your industry.  Think of investing as a trade-off. It entails some degree of risk with the hopes of a higher payout. While some of these examples require a bit more research than the others, all of them possess the potential to become great tools in your financial success.

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