iOS 9.1 emoji Update : Apple Adds Huge New Library of Pictures including Middle Finger

iOS 9.1 new emoji Update

Few days back Apple pushed out iOS 9.1 as an update for all iPhone and iPad users. Although iOS 9.1 update includes many new features like Live Photos, Security Updates and Several Bug Fixes. Major reason behind Why users are upgrading to iOS 9.1 is because of new emoji characters.

This new updates include many new characters like : A Turkey, Religious Building and many face emoji that look like sick, injured and mouth zipped up and many more. iOS 9.1 update also bring support to Apple News to UK and one more fix to the problem of live photos in iPhone 6S.

As this update bring support for Unicode 7 and 8, so it brings all the previously agreed emoji.

This set of new characters also includes the middle finger – which some companies have include that they might not include it, due to which it remain in controversies which is the major reason behind why middle finger update came late to iOS users.

iOS 9 Middle Finger Emoji

Those who have not yet received the update on Computers and smartphones will only be able to see empty boxes instead. But most of them are already available on newest version of Android & Windows phones.

Below is the video showing various new emoji :

How to Download iOS 9.1 Update on your iPhone and iPads ?

One can download iOS 9.1 update on any iPhone & iPad’s by following this simple steps :

  • Head over to Settings on your iOS device.
  • Then go to General tab and after that move to Update.
  • If users don’t do so, at some point in future they will get notification to upgrade it to install new version.

Installation process can only be done when your device will get connected to Wi-Fi with sufficient battery level.

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iOS 9.1 is a major update, so once you are done with the update you will be taken back to Startup screen, to login and select some features from Setting to get back in the phone.

Major reason for iOS 9.1 update is a fix for live photos in iPhone 6S. That allow the phone to take a second and half of video in either side of photographs to make it look animated.

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Some people can get early access to this update, if they are a member of Apple beta programme.

Let us know what you think about iOS 9.1 new emoji update, how it is better then previous one and how one can make it better then ever.

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