How To Use iOS Emulator For All Android Phones?

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Most of us own a smartphone these days as it is not that costly to get one SmartPhone. Among the popular mobile operating system or platforms, there are android, windows and iOS. Each and every OS comes with some unique features and apps. It’s not possible for everyone to buy or carry two different phones at a time. Google PlayStore is a perfect place for Android user to download Apps like BlackMart, iOS Emulator or any other App to add addition features on Android Smartphones. MoboRobo is another great App Store available in the market, which has multiple Apps which are not available on Google Play store as well.iOS Emulator for Android

What if we want to access our favorite apps or games in another OS? Most of the people use Android phone these days, and the iOS phones come with some pretty good game and apps which we just can’t access on our Android device. In this article, I am going to discuss how to install and run all the iOS apps on your Android device with the help of an iOS emulator for android.

Why Should You Download iOS Emulator for Android?

Many of us must have heard about the emulator. An emulator is nothing but an additional Application that helps us to explore and access the facilities of a different atmosphere of a different system in our atmosphere.  As we all know Android and iOS are two separate platforms with different features and specifications.Android Play Store It’s not possible for everyone to buy two separate phones as the iOS phones are very costly. But now with the help of iOS emulator, you can install your favorite games and apps on your present Android phone. Many people are a diehard fan of iOS apps and games, so this Android emulator is like a lifeline to them because they can access all those iOS apps and games very quickly on their Android device.

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Features of iOS emulator for Android

The iOS emulator for Android comes with many features. Some of its features are

  • You can access all the iOS apps on your Android devices.
  • The toy will be able to play the iOS games on your Android device.
  • You will get all the feature of any iOS app or game on your Android device.
  • An iOS emulator stores user data from running out of user data.
  • The iOS emulator supports gaming applications and gamepads, Xperia Play is a built-in the gamepad.
  • The iOS emulator for Android gives you satisfaction as you can access all the features of iOS in your cheap android device too.
  • The developers can check their apps.

How to use the iOS emulator for Android?

As I said before now, you can run all your iOS apps on Android with the help of the iOS emulator. There are many iOS emulators for Android are present in the market, but among them, iEMU iOS emulator is the best iOS emulator for android. But to use this emulator, you need minimum of 512 MB RAM for its smooth functioning, minimum 61 MB free space on your device to install the APK file and android OS 2.3 Gingerbread or later.

How to download and install iEMU?

  • As this iOS emulator for an Android app that in the iEMU app is not available in the Google Play Store so we must download the APK file from the third party so that we can install and avail all the facilities of iOS in our Android phone.
  • We can download the APK file directly on our device or else we can download it in our PC and can transfer it to our Android device.
  • To download the APK file, we need to search the APK file on the web, and once we get it, we need to download the APK file.
  • Before installing the APK, we need to change the security of our Android device. For that we need to go to settings>>security>>enable installation from unknown sources.
  • Once it is done, we can install the APK file from the downloaded folder by doing all the required formalities.
  • The app will be installed on your Android device as Padiod.
  •   Now you can start using all the iOS apps with the help of Padiod which is also known as iEMU.
  • iEMU/ Padiod app will support .iPas and .zip files only.

While installing any iOS emulator for android, be very careful as many fake iOS emulators are there in the market which can damage your phone.  iOS emulator is an excellent app which allows you to access all the iOS apps and games. So if you are crazy for iOS games and apps, then you must try this.

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