Is Data Science a Good Career Choice?

Career in Data Science

LinkedIn recently reported that in the United States, there’s a 56 percent increase in data science job openings in the past few years. In fact, data scientist is the leading profession for Americans in 2019. It’s not surprising to know that more people are choosing to build a career in data science fields for better income and opportunities.

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So, is data science really the perfect career for you?

What Is A Data Scientist?

A data scientist is an expert who adds value to a company or organization in all tasks needed to complete. This professional is skilled enough to improve and boost company operations through data analysis and better understanding of application areas and customers. In short, you need to incorporate insights in making data-driven decisions for more progressive and successful business outcome.

Top Skills You Need to Acquire

Many of the employers today are looking for data professionals with skills in Python, SQL, and R. Other essential skills you need to acquire include machine learning, data analysis, and data mining. When it comes to the most in-demand data science careers, you can work as big data specialist, researcher, or core data scientist.

Moreover, you also need to understand how to use analytical skills in order to resolve problems through technological applications and tools. The main goal is to improve and advance business operations with the use of data systems and data-driven insights. If you want to acquire these skills without having to sacrifice your work-life balance, getting a master of data science online can be a big help as you can study even in the comfort of your home. If you have all these skills and interests, then you can succeed as a data scientist in the future.

Job Roles of Data Scientists

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of data science experts will help you make an informed decision before you even jump into the field. Right now, data science is still evolving that is why it’s important for aspirants to be open to changes and always update their skills with the latest applications and tools.

After you acquire and certify your skills in data science, you can apply for job roles such as data science manager, data analytics associate, consultant, or data analyst. But before you can land these jobs, you need to be familiar with business analysis, technical operations, consulting, and reporting.

Key Takeaways

If you want to excel in data science and build a stable career, some of the common tasks you need to deal with everyday are data analysis, data mining, predictive analysis, machine learning, reporting, problem solving, and digital visualizing of data presented. With these skills and knowledge, you are on the right track in becoming a successful data scientist.

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