Is Servcorp Coworking Space Right For Your Personality?

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Your brand is the culmination of all of the work that you have done in researching a market, crafting an identity, and developing relationships with your target population. Everything from crafting your logo design to packaging your product and service belongs in the realm of brand development. Everything involved with the product can possibly impact how the public perceives your product.

Even something as unrelated as space can impact your brand. Whether you are a tattoo parlour in the middle of a grungy, run-down neighbourhood frequented by indie thinkers to a posh spa near Manila’s CBD, the place that your business calls home speaks volumes to the public about who you are. Servcorp coworking spaces is a great example of how workspace can define a business.

Continue reading to learn more about how Servcorp’s coworking spaces can improve brand identity.

Location Can Influence Image

Location Influence

Whether you are successful or not, the location of your business tells the world about your business. Moreover, coworking spaces exist everywhere in the city and in the suburbs in the Philippines, and these little enclaves have in part defined themselves simply through where they exist. Servcorp, similarly, has global offices, and many of these offices are in prime locations in major cities.

The locations are usually frequented by a diverse population of people, and the area is usually close to major financial, governmental offices, upscale restaurants, and shopping centres. Moreover, the offices are usually situated in high-rises in, or close to, the CBD, and they typically are shared spaces with other offices. For example, the Servcorp offices in Manila in the Ayala Tower are located near shopping centres and near transit, prime locations for business.

Corporate Fit Out

Servcorp corporate fit-out gives professionals plush office space in a building that has been retrofitted with the latest technologies. The offices come fully furnished and the buildings are well-maintained by custodial staff. If leasing a coworking space in the building, you do not have to worry about shouldering the accessories that go along with managing office space because receptionists and IT support go along with the plan. When the building is closed, members have access to an answering service, so your calls are never ignored.

Running With The Big Dogs

Those choosing to work in Servcorp’s Ayala Tower can rub shoulders with some pretty big wheels in international commerce. At this particular location, Chevron, Hershey’s, Microsoft, and Proctor and Gamble, in addition to other major corporations lease space in the building. For your business, not only do you create opportunities to network in the space you also create opportunities to get to professionals from these companies.

Business Profile

The Servcorp office in Manila is a general admissions office which attracts professionals from all fields. However, in these spaces, the profile of businesses are usually comprised of professionals with similar ideas about business. The coworking concept pretty much allows the members to define the space, but in a CBD, you are more than likely to see people from finance, manufacturing, technology, some media, and a host of other professions. Because the environment is very corporate, this is the image that will be presented to clients and other businesses.

Defining Your Personality

Servcorp brings polish to an already business-like organisation. The company not only fits out your business with some pretty fancy digs, but it also gives you both the office support and the tools necessary to succeed. Take a look for yourself, and you will see that Servcorp Manila gives professionals who want to dress up their business’s image an opportunity to do so.

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