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PDF Creator

Creating PDF files and eBooks are one of the major things any bloggers, internet marketer and mostly affiliate marketers need to do to collect email, or offering something useful to their audience. But many of new bloggers don’t know how to create pdf files or eBooks.

PDF Creator

Today I am going to tell you how you can create pdf file easily using iStonsoft PDF creator, which i use generally to create pdf files and eBooks for selling and giving it free of costs. According to me it is one of the best and user friendly PDF creator software anyone can have.

What is iStonsoft PDF Creator ?

iStonsoft is premium pdf creator which will help you create awesome and best quality PDF files to use. It makes pdf creation very easy even for a newbie. iStonsoft is a 7 in 1  pdf conversion tool which can convert any word docx, ePub, CHM, HTML, Image, Text and MOBI into PDF. Isn’t it great all things you need deliver one software only. Yes, it is very special for me!

iStonsoft PDF Creator Review – Features

iStonsoft has many features and has been working superb more than my expectations. I might not be able to add all of it feature as there are many but I will try to mention all of them which are useful and you will need it. Some of it special features are :

  • Can Convert docx, CHM, HTML, Images and Text into PDF very easily.
  • Conversion Quality and speed both are quite impressive.
  • It works on any kind of browser like Chrome,Mozilla, Opera. It also works on Internet Explorer.
  • It include all guidance and technical support by their staff.
  • You can also set password and protect your information on PDF file.
  • Merge function allow you to combine several document into one PDF.

How to Create PDF files using iStonsoft

You can use iStonsoft pdf creator as I used to do for creating eBooks. Follow below steps to convert docx to PDF :

iStonsoft PDF Creator Review

  1. First of all create a Word or HTML file or also you can take any image then save it on your computer.
  2. After that open iStonsoft PDF Creator.
  3. Then Add your file by browsing it location in your PC using iStonsoft.
  4. Now select your output folder where you want to get saved.
  5. Finally click on “Start” button and It’s done.

You can first go with trial version and then buy it premium version as I had done.
Read MoreConvert image to PDF

Pricing :

Coming to it pricing, it is not so costly as other pdf creators used to be. This app provide multiple conversion for creating PDF files. When you talk about iStonsoft PDF Creator it will not cost more than $39.95 with 90 days money back guarantee if not satisfied. So why waiting BUY IT NOW!

Conclusion :

I know creating PDF files is not an easy task for newbie bloggers and writers but this software make this work very easy. And the major thing is that it is very cheap as compared to others. Their Software get update frequently and have excellent support staff. So I would highly recommend you to Buy this software.

Let me know what you think about iStonsoft PDF Creator and your views of using software to create PDF files in comment below.

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