The Proven Method to Help Keep Memory Loss at Bay

Improve Memory Loss

As you get older, you might find yourself becoming more and more forgetful. Just as physical activity trains the muscles in your body, you need to remember that your brain is also a muscle that needs a workout every now and then, in order to keep it in shape.  There are a number of things that you can do to help keep memory loss at bay and keep your brain sharp through mentally stimulating activities. We’ve put together a list of the all of the proven methods that can help to keep your memory loss at bay.

Stay Social

Most people don’t realize the importance of being social and having friends around you. Loneliness can develop depression and stress, and it is these two things that can be a big contribution to memory loss. Engaging with others and regularly partaking in some form of activity, helps the brain function as you challenge your mind. When you’re with other people, you are using language, analyzing conversation, preparing comebacks and listening well and all of these things help to train your brain, while keeping memory loss at bay. Staying social can be as easy as connecting with friends or as involved as joining a book club or even hitting a casino and playing a game of blackjack if that’s what you like to do!

Stay Organised

You’re more likely to forget things if your home is full of clutter and nothing is organised. Jotting down tasks in notebook, repeating each entry out loud in order to ensure that you remember it, keeping to-do lists, and checking off items you’ve complete are all ways that you can help to get organised and keep your brain active in order to prevent memory loss. Limit distractions and focus on the information that you need to help you to remember is also very important. It might also help to connect what you’re trying to remember to a song or concept, and train your brain to keep it active.

Physical Activity

Physical Excercise for memory loss

It might seem odd, but physical activity really can help your brain as well as your other body parts. Physical activity helps to get the blood flowing around your body, and into your brain. This can also help to keep your memory sharp, and whether you’re having a full work-out or a gentle walk a few times a week, all of this can help. Physical activity, particularly if you’re going outside, can also help to keep your brain sharp, as you take in a number of sites, sounds and smells. Visualising different scenarios, and being able to remember faces is important as you get older, and physical activity really can help you to prevent memory loss as you get older.

Brain Training Programs

If you really think that you need to help your memory, then you can invest in some brain training programs, which cover a number of different parts of your brain. Your cognitive functions are important, and with these programs, you can train the emotional, conversational, mathematical and many other parts of your brain in order to help you to reduce memory loss.

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