Knowing The Difference Between Web Design And Development

Knowing The Difference Between Web Design And Development

We spend a lot of our time on the internet.  That’s a fact we can’t deny.  However, a lot of us don’t realize the work that goes into creating the websites we use each day.  There are two facets – web design and web development.  While many of us conflate them, they’re actually quite different.

If we’re looking for help with creating a web page for ourselves or our business, we need to know the differences between them.  So, if you want to learn more, check out a resource like this one and keep reading!

Web Design

This facet of creating a webpage largely focuses on what is known as user experience.  The goal is to make a page that users enjoy visiting and don’t find overly difficult or complicated.  A major part of this is the style of a site.

The style might be any color palette selections or fonts.  The size of that font and any buttons or links is another consideration.  Usually, the designer is there to ensure that the visitors use the page in the way that the developer intended for them to do so. 

Web Design

So, they configure the interface as well.  It should look appealing to any consumer and be dynamic.  Eye-catching graphics and colors that pop or stand out in some ways are a good way to go in most cases.

Web Development

This tends to be a bit more complex, which is why some people decide to get the services of a web development company to assist in the process.  Another title for them is programmer, which you are probably more familiar with.  Their purpose is to make a page that runs smoothly and loads information quickly.

There are a few different types, of course.  Usually, professionals in these fields specialize in some way.  Front-end developers handle the parts of a website that users regularly interact with.  Sometimes this is referred to as client-side.  They’re an important part of a team to help the designers realize their vision, as well.

As far as back-end developers go, they tend to handle programming related to the server-side of a page.  This means that they handle any data storage and arrangement.  While the software they create does not interact with any visitors, it is still a vital part of making sure everything works properly.  The developers and designers often work in harmony to create an experience for users.

Why it Matters

The main reason to know the difference is so that you know who to go to if you’re looking for assistance.  You should know what you’re talking about if you want to get into these fields as well, of course.  So, educating yourself is never a bad idea.

Something to keep in mind is that neither of these professions inherently include work for optimizing your website in terms of search engines.  Known as SEO, some developers or designers might be able to assist with this, but it is not a given.  I recommend being able to implement optimization tactics yourself, or at least mention this if you decide to outsource.

If you want to see what developers are usually in charge of, you might look at this article:  There are a few key parts that you might want to be aware of.  For example, the term HTML means Hypertext Markup Language, and it is what most developers work in.

Some other options might be JavaScript, though it’s falling out of fashion quickly, or CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).  Often, they are utilized in combination with each other to create a holistic user experience.  At the end of the day, this is the primary concern of both designers and developers, even if they approach the issue in different manners.

When it comes to creating a website for your consumers, we should strive for nothing but the best.  Employing a team to do this is one way to accomplish it efficiently and ensure positive results.  Providing a good atmosphere online is increasingly important as we progress into the twenty-first century.

Online spaces take up a lot of our time, and there is a lot of competition out there.  Don’t slack when it comes to design and development!

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