Why Link Building Should be a Part of your SEO Strategy

Why Link Building Should be a part of SEO

When optimizing a site for search engines, your job as a webmaster is to take care of the three aspects that make up search engine optimization: the technical, on-page, and off-page.

There’s only so many ways to improve your SEO on-page and technical which typically include:

  • Improve site load speed
  • Create compelling content
  • Place a call of action
  • Optimize content using focus keywords
  • Fix broken links
  • Create a sitemap
  • Include social media buttons
  • Maintain a blog regularly

But with off-page, things start to become more interesting. With off-page, there are thousands of ways to help propel your site to the top results. One of the ways is through link building which in itself covers a huge part of the online marketing process since links are one of the main things Google looks at when ranking a site.

Link building bridges the gap between your target user and your site. Sure, you may already have existing online users who regularly go to your site but what about millions of other users who could potentially become traffic too?

This is where link building serves a purpose the most. To let your target users find you easily by putting yourself in places where they could potentially be: online directories, social media, blogs, and news sites.

The ones I’ve enumerated above by the way don’t account for the hundreds of other outlets that you can utilize so that your site is easily discoverable by your audience. Top Australian SEO company Quantum Web agrees with this and if you want more ideas on the different ways to link build, visit their website at www.quantumweb.com.au.

But for the sake of keeping things simple, I will discuss here the ways that you can make a solid link building strategy to ensure SEO success:

  1. Quality content

Don’t just put out any content for the sake of getting more links. Users demand quality content and Google helps them achieve this by rewarding sites that put out high quality content that provides value to the reader.

  1. Fresh content

Content not only needs to be quality; it also needs to be fresh. This means you regularly have to put out content since Google uses freshness as a ranking factor. Older links do not get as much attention as newer and fresher links do. You can also maintain freshness by promoting your content to incite social engagement through comments and links.

  1. Content variants

Users process information differently which means not everyone will want to read an article or look at an image. Having a variety of content types included in your link building campaign is a guaranteed way of piquing your user’s interest and encouraging them to engage.

Examples of content that you can experiment with include: case studies, eBooks, podcasts, video tutorials, infographics.

  1. Quality site

Penguin is to quality links as Panda is to quality content. You can’t be counted on as an authority in your industry if your content is on a poor quality site. Google looks at the quality of your backlink to determine whether you are worthy of a place in the top rankings. So before you begin with the link building process, make sure all bad backlinks are removed and that your prospect sites are high quality and are a fit with your niche.

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If you noticed, most of what I had to say here involved some form of content. This is because content is king and will remain to be for as long as users crave for valuable information online.

Don’t ever skip on the link building aspect of your SEO strategy as this makes up a large chunk of what will bring you to the top of page results.

Did you have other thoughts about the importance of link building in an SEO campaign? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Yes, I agree link building is still very relevant today in order to achieve SEO. Driving traffic to websites should always be high on the priorities list. I integrate link building to gain clients who want to buy or sell homes in louisiana!

  2. Hi Suprabhat,

    Thanks for the post.

    What happens when making a site more SEO friendly reduces usability and adds more distractions for visitors.

    We have an e-commerce store that sells wiper blades direct to car owners and the navigation is a simple drop down selector – choose your make, model and year and you’re directed to the product page. We’ve been getting a lot of advice that says the big problem with this is that google cannot properly index our pages and that we should add some more ‘traditional’ style category pages etc. However this just makes things confusing for users.

    Also, with wiper blades, there are many cases where products are the same, but the fit different cars. So there is very little in the way of unique content. Unfortunately we get penalised for having duplicate content.

    We’re frustrated that we’ve built the site to be extremely usable but now have to make changes that will reduce usability just for the sake of ranking well. How do we make sure the two don’t cancel each other out?

    James Anderson recently posted…PayDay 2 The Game Download For PCMy Profile

  3. Any blogger could tell us that Linkbuilding is necessary. But very few if them could narrate it in a better way, the way you do it. Great writing Suprabhat.

  4. i read an article article that say, you do not need Seo if you have a great content, but that was a lie, i try it but not work for me, i need to do link building in other for google to index my post, and all is working fine now, thanks for sharing this

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