LinksManagement Review : Get PR1-PR8 Google Friendly Backlinks $1 Per link

LinksManagement Review

Backlinks works as the backbone of any SEO strategy, Actually Google have many algorithms to decide which website, blog or webpage have to be ranked at the top of search engine. From so many algorithms relative quality backlinks to your webpage or websites plays one important role in getting ranked on search engines. However building backlinks for websites is considered as spam by Google. The more people links to you, the more popular you get, waiting for organic links may not work or may take a long time.

As competition on Internet is increasing rapidly, similarly there are many SEO service providers which are growing too with the trend. One of them is Links Management, they work as the broker between two webmasters like One will be buyer ( Advertisers ) and one will be the owner of website who will offer the link ( Publisher ). Links Management is really useful and have been working with their customer from a long time.

LinksManagement Overview

LinksManagement is a growing contextual link provider & traffic booster, it is a network designed for SEO experts and bloggers. They help webmasters to find PR 1 to PR 8 backlinks by which you can improve your blog/website search engine ranking.
The current LinksManagement inventory contains over 1 million of websites. We all know very well to get quality you need to pay more similarly High PR backlinks will cost you more as compared to Low PR backlinks.

We all know Google is against buying links but LinksManagement says : “These links look completely natural to Google and stay live as long as you want”.

LinkManagement Database

LinkManagement Database includes following things which are really essential for any webmaster to look for before buying any link :

LinksManagement Review
PC : www.99points.info

PR Level : Higher the Page Rank higher link juice it passes to your link similarly lower the PR is lower link juice it will passes, but I would recommend you to buy a varieties of links. ( Don’t only focus on PR also go for some other considerations like : DA, PA and trust factor)

Price : PR 1 links will cost you low surely, while PR 8 link will cost you as I said above High PR link will pass more juice as compared to low PR and hence cost varies.

OutBound Links (OL) : It shows you the number of outbound links from referring pages, the more number of OL the less link juice it will pass to you. So we recommend you to go with less Outbound links.

DA & PA : These stats shows the strength of domain and page of any website/webpage. To get more out of this we recommend you to go for High DA and PA stats.

What If you Don’t know SEO, You are a Begineer ?

If you don’t know SEO at all, you don’t know how to build good backlink profile, don’t worry LinksManagement have their professional SEO team who are always ready to help. You also get Free SEO analysis which will help you identify the number of links needed, types of links and cost for those links.

LinksManagement Review
PC : www.99points.info


You can track backlink campaign result from “My Campaign Tab”. If you are spending money on buying links, then make sure you use this feature to get good result and improve your SEO. All LinksManagment SEO experts have experience of more than 5 years, they will help you get really good results.

Guarantees and Payments

It is one of the biggest advantage they have is that they have quite flexible payment system which includes : PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, Web Money, Bank-Wire, Webmoney Western Union and credit cards you can use any of these payment system whichever suits you better.

They do not guarantee that you will get backlink 100% sure, but they guarantee that you will not have to spend for something that you have not got. They have automatic payback system, when checking the link status system find link is not placed then you will get 100% refund. Not only that by same automatic system will return back your money if link placed is remove within 5 days or link containing page is removed or de-indexed by Google.

Have you ever used LinksManagement service, If yes share your experience with us.

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