How I Ranked a Post & Made $600 In 4 Days

How i made $600 in 4 days

You might be shocked to know that i made $600 in just 4 days. Yes it is true i made, Today i am going to share everything about it How i ranked a single post and made $600 out of it. It sounds like i was doing event niche blogging, but it is not actually event niche blogging but i made $600 only from my long term blog i.e MoneyGossips. Everyone now a day is going for event niche blogging as one can make quick money out of it but one didn’t know that it require a lot of hard work.

How i made $600 in 4 days

How i Made $600 from a Single Post

Yes i made $600 from a single post and the post was about Black Friday Special 75% OFF on Hostgator hosting. This was the post which help me made quick money. I made around 13 sales out of which 5 sales got invalid, so i have around 8 sales active. According to Hostgator affiliate policy if you made more than 5 sales in a month then you earn $75 as commission for each sales. Hence $75 * 8 = $600.Here is the small screenshot below.

Black Friday 2014 Hostgator Sales

One more screenshot below which shows the traffic stats of the 1st day of event have a look over it

Traffic stats of Black Friday

I ranked a single post which help me made this 13 sales. Click the button below to see the post which i ranked on Black Friday 2014.

Click Here to visit $600 Post

Have you checked that post ? You will notice this post will look same as others so why this post only made $600 because this post was ranking at top for most of the keywords on the event Black Friday. Let’s see how i was able to rank this post on Black Friday 2014.

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How I Ranked this Money Making Post

I know it was the time i was busy in my exams my friends told me to write some post on Black friday as it is one of the biggest event in US at which retailer give huge discounts which make customer to go for bulk shopping. While everyone was busy in ranking for many product posts i thought of giving it a try. So not wasting my study time i though of writing a single post about Black Friday 2014 Hostgator.

Steps that i followed :

  • My 1st steps was to find out some keywords to rank for, so i searched for Black Friday Hostgator on Google and noted all the keywords which i found at the bottom as Google Searches related to my known keyword.
  • After getting some bunch of keyword i wrote a simple post of around 700 words and optimized it effectively.
  • As i have only 1 day in hand to rank for those keywords i used Google Webmaster tool to fetch it. Unfortunately my post got indexed in Google in 23 minutes after posting.
  • After that i found my post ranking on 3rd page which is not going to bring a single sale, so i here made some backlinks using Forum signature around 12-15 and remaining backlinks using Social Bookmarking and Commenting on CommentLuv enabled blogs.
  • Still my post was not at the top so i keep updating my money making post with fresh content in every 2 hours and finally i was ranking for all my keywords.

Still there was a problem i was able to drive traffic but not sales which was the major issue i was facing that time. So i thought of giving them offer which will surely make them to buy hostgator hosting using my affiliate link and Yes! i hit the correct point. At last i made 13 sales in just 4 days but 5 sales got invalid due to Hostgator policies.

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So this was all about How i ranked a Single Post and made $600 from it. If you have any queries you can ask in comments below.

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  1. That’s great to hear that you made some good sales !!. Keep experimenting and create more articles as it help others ! 🙂

    1. thanks for sharing this grate article…
      i will try this method for any upcoming sale… i cant understand the last step you followed, u edited post content for every 2 hrs or aftre 2 hrs 1 time only ?

  2. Hi,

    This is very interesting post at how i ranked a post and made $600 in 4 days. I loved your ways how you shared everything step by step. I will share this post with my followers, hope they will love it.

    Thanks to share this useful post with us.

    Keep up your good work!

    Have a nice day!


    Irasad Umar
    Irasad Umar recently posted…Top 10 Surefire Ways To Increase Website TrafficMy Profile

  3. Really an inspiring post, I love reading your blog and I am a first time commenter. This has really made me think about my own future blog posts 🙂

  4. Hi Suprabhat,

    This is good to see your success story. I am glad that you have achieved some great success. All the very best for your future. I am very week in affiliate . So, your post can help me in regarding the same.

    Thanks for sharing with us. Have a nice day!

  5. Hi,

    Awesome tutorial on how i ranked a post and made $600 in 4 days. There are many webmasters who share this kind of tutorial but don’t share in a good manner. They make things complicated. I love your style how you shared everything in a good manner.

    Keep up your good work!

    Sonam Gupta
    Sonam Gupta recently posted…How to Create Quality Backlinks to Your WebsiteMy Profile

  6. Firstly have my congrats on this unbelievable approach you have made and first time visitor of your site , this not only impressed me it motivated me thanks for sharing..

  7. That’s really impressive ! 🙂 your strategy and hard work came into effect on your post. Keep rocking and do sharing good stuffs as you do always

    Koushik Das

  8. Hi Suprabhat

    Glad on being here. This is exactly what I was looking for. Actually I’m doing experiments with event blogging. As I’m new in that so I googled something about “Ranking in short time” and got so many results. Many of them were generic ways to rank and not that useful to implement. Finally I got your link from Adrienne’s blog and I’m totally satisfied with this clean approach.

    Will surely give it a try.

    Thanks a ton for sharing it 🙂
    Have a great weekend!
    Ritesh Saini recently posted…Faculty of Management – UG & PG Syllabus for Session 2014-15My Profile

  9. hey Suprabhat ,nice post and inspiring article for newbies,and great tips 🙂

    thanks for sharing

    sources to earn money online free

  10. Can you share your commentluv blogs and forrum sites that helped you to ranks at the first page?It will be a great help.

  11. Supranhat Brp, 600$ in 4 days if this can be continue then it will 600*4=3600$/monthly 😀
    That’s really great (I know i know every month, every days don’t have event, just show you that you have the power of making this money) I am going try one. But, before do this, i am going to make my brand with my own Name as well this is my dream http://www.tonmoyparves.com You know that SEOTIPS.ASIA is my first blog (have already told you by Facebook message) and it’s only 23 days old. I made this to test my own skill that can i work or not. To be honest, within 22 days i got my alexa under 270k with only 23 posts. So, i think this is my high time to start my dream project as my own Brand. What’s you say on this point?Should i start? Tonmoyparves.com have already some natural back-links and without any single of post this get 2400k Alexa 😀

    On my dream Blog, i will start doing as multi as specially Blogging, SEO, Marketing niche. Would you please suggest me some niche to build up my authority blog for TonmoyParves.com ? Well, let me contract with by Skype .Will discuss there

    TonmoyParves recently posted…How to write contents for Search Engines-A Complete Guideline for newbieMy Profile

  12. Hi suprabhat,
    It’s really wow,
    Actually I am working on new year event site now a days. and this post will help me a lot to gain lots of traffic.

    Actually I am also using some of these tricks for rank higher especially comment on those blog that have comment Luv plugin. Please suggest me some high page rank and dofollow forum,

    Areesha Noor!
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  13. Thanks for sharing this Suprabhat bro. Seriously, $600 sounds very brilliant and you succeeded. Congratulations !!! Hope many of your articles will be publish like this in which you you succeeded and did BOOM BOOM…

  14. Bro, Congratulation on this great success. Experimenting is the key to get success at several places. You utilized it very beautifully. I would like to know…if you can optimize the same post for another hostgator related keyword so you can earn more through it?

  15. Wow. good you kill da shitt! online money making is our hobby. Nothing gonna stop it.

    I love the way you applied your strategies; lucky. you got no penalty.

    Nice being here – you re the boss.

  16. I do agree with all thhe ideas you have iintroduced in your postTheey arre very convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are vey brief for beginners. May just you please prolong them a little from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

  17. Awesome tips targeting an event like Black Friday to get more in affiliate earnings. I’ll test targeting keywords that revolve around various events to increase conversions for products and services I promote as an affiliate. And I know I’ll have higher conversions like you did with HostGator.

  18. I do agree with all thhe ideas you have iintroduced in your postTheey arre very convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are vey brief for beginners. May just you please prolong them a little from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

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