MailGet Review : Best Affordable email marketing tool for small business

MailGet Email Marketing Via Amazon SES To Create Send Track Email Campaign

Those who are new to internet marketing must be thinking what actually email marketing is. Email marketing is nothing but it is a form of business to business marketing with the help of emails, through which you can share and promote your blog posts, services and products among your subscribers. Experts say Money is in the list so it very essential to collect emails of your readers from very 1st day of your blog. Read this post which will help you learn how to build email list and maintain it for long.

If you want to make money from your blog, then email marketing is one of the fundamental thing which you should not ignore. Effective email marketing will help you create good authority as well as loyalty among readers.

Now a days there are many email marketing tools available some are free while some are premium. One of the best email marketing tool which is affordable as well as easy to use is MailGet. Let’s have a look on MailGet Review :-

MailGet Review : Best Affordable Email Marketing Tool

If you are new to blogging, then i guess you might be on a very tight budget so spending money blindly on anything might cost affect your budget. So choosing affordable and best email marketing tool is the best option. In my point of view MailGet is one of the best affordable email marketing software which is very easy to use and powered by FormGet.

What is MailGet ?

MailGet is an email client and perfect solution for those who are seeking for best and affordable email marketing service. If you have 1000’s of subscribers of customers you can send mass email via Amazon SES. It is very very much cheaper than other mailing services.

The best thing about MailGet is that you don’t need any technical or design experience to use it. Setting up email, newsletter template is very easy, as it is a web based application so you can access it from anywhere around the world.

MailGet Review : Features

1. User Friendly Interface : MailGet makes it very easy to setup all things, by using this platform you can make you can make professional emails for your readers and clients. In Today’s blogging trend email marketing is one of the best way to bring more conversions and leads. If you are subscribed to any eCommerce site you will find many emails in your inbox which you most likely to open.

Demo Mail MailGet Review

Setting up emails is very easy just drag and drop and it’s done, placing affiliate links, images and clickable button is very easy as compared to others.

2. Tracking Email is very easy : One can easily track emails sent to customers, you can easily track what action your customers had taken after receiving mail like :

  • How many users has checked your mail
  • How many users has clicked the link you have placed in it
  • How many of them unsubscribed your email subscriptions

3. Unlimited Emails : It’s is a combo pack according to me as it provide unlimited emails with affordable cost. It allows you to send unlimited emails to customers, readers etc. Sending email can help you make good relationship among readers and customers as well as it will also help in building a strong community like our MoneyGossips.

You can use this platform to promote your blog or brand other then just selling affiliate products or your own products.

4. Easy Management : Importing and exporting of email list is very easy and take only few seconds, after which you can use your email list to promote your blog and sell products as well.

Various MailGet Plans :

There are basically three plans available now with different price and on monthly basis :

MailGet Review Pricing

Plan 1

If you are new to blogging or new business then i would recommend this plan as it allows 10,000 emails in the list and you can send unlimited numbers of emails to them which will cost you only $29.

Plan 2

If you are a well known blogger or have many email subscribers then you should go with this plan as it allows 50,000 emails in the list and you can send unlimited numbers of email to them which will cost you around $49.

Plan 3

If you have 1,00,000 no. of email subscribers then you should go for the 3rd plan which will cost you around $79.

When you will compare it price with other email service provider you will be shocked how cheap it is as compared to other, check out image below.

MailGet price Comparison

One more thing i like about MailGet is that it allows you to try it before payment. You can try MailGet Demo

I personally recommend MailGet to small business as well as new bloggers. Don’t underestimate the power of email marketing in today’s blogging trend.

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