How to make Backlinks & Dominate Search Engine

How to build Backlinks and Dominate Search Engines

Everybody wants to rank higher on search engine but it is not possible for all to rank. Search engine give preference to top quality content but there are other factors also which helps your blog and blog post to rank higher on search engine,one of those factor is Backlinks.

Backlinks are simply the links pointing to your sites from other blogs and websites. Search Engine considered them as votes to your content by audience. The more links you get means more votes and hence chances of ranking higher. As backlinks can make your site they can break your blog/site as well. If you get backlinks from blacklisted domain, spam contents than surely it will hurt your search engine ranking and you might get penalized by Google in future.

So one must track backlinks and you can track your backlink via Google Webmaster Tool, you can keep an eye here and if you found any things wrong you can use Google Disavow tool to help google in overlooking those spam links. Here is the complete guide on How to use Google Disavow tool.

How to build Backlinks and Dominate Search Engines

How to Create High Quality Backlinks

Before I tell you about How to create high quality backlinks i want to let you know about some essential things. Let’s have a look.

Create Internal Links :-

Creating internal links are essential to pass link juice all over the blog, basically this are the links which points to another page of the same blog. Internal links make it easy for Search engine to crawl your whole blog easily.

Internal links reduce bounce rate as it increase the amount of time spend by audience on your blog by pointing to more related articles.

There are Two ways of getting Backlinks

  1. Earn Backlinks Naturally
  2. Create Backlinks by Own

1. Earning Backlinks Naturally :-

Links created by you are not natural backlinks, the links you get by convincing others that your blog has relevant content and can help your readers are natural backlinks. Few things which will help you to earn backlinks naturally are :-

  • Top Quality Rich Content.
  • By requesting backlinks to other authors.
  • By submitting your blog links to relevant blog directories.
  • Creating Infographics will help you earn natural  backlinks quickly.

NB :- Don’t go for buying and selling links Google is actually against exchange of links, money etc.

Many top bloggers will not give backlink to you easily as you are new. So it’s totally on you How to convince other bloggers to give a link back to you. Link building is the major reason due to which many blog suffers Google penalties, even if you had tricked Google surely one day Google will find out and How you are tricking him.

2. Creating Backlinks by Own :-

Creating high quality backlinks is not easy sometime over doing it may led your blog to hit a Google penalty. There are many ways of creating backlinks by own but every time you will get a do follow is not mandatory. I had listed some ways of creating backlinks below :-

  • Guest Posting
  • Article Marketing
  • Linking your Blog with Social media
  • Commenting on other relevant blogs, forums and answering questions

1. Guest Posting :-

It is one of the best way to get your name, company name in front of new audience. Once you had created enough good quality content you can start reaching out to other relevant blogs in your industry whose audience could be potential clients. Link building tips via guest posts:-

  • Don’t think guest posting as link building strategies just give your best quality content and think about to drive visitor back to your website and develop an authority among them.
  • Read other author guest post on the similar blog and try to adapt their style to increase your chance of getting your post approved.
  • When it comes to link back to your website most likely you will get via Author Bio, make sure to link back to your blog and social media profiles through it.

2. Article Marketing :-

Article Marketing is another way of getting high quality relevant links to your blog/website. Many popular article marketing site like EzineArticles got hit by Google Panda update and Since they are majorly focusing on Quality rather than quantity. I would rather like to go for Article Community site for building links like Hubpages where member are free to connect with each other via Personal messaging, commenting on profiles and forums. This way you can find some bloggers of your industry who have good potential clients engage with them and build relationship and expand your network.

3. Linking Blog with Social Media :-

Linking your blog with social media helps you get backlinks but now a days you many social media only allow no follow links. But still no follow links from this social sites help you to drive traffic. You can add link on Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn and Google+ profiles.

You can also build backlink using Do Follow Social bookmarking sites

4. Commenting On Relevant Blogs and Forums :-

This is one of the easiest way of link building, but find relevant blogs is quite difficult which allow do follow link via comments. Mostly CommentLuv enabled blogs are those blogs which majorly allow dofollow link via comment.

Commenting on various forums will help you get quality backlinks from Signature but remember you should not spam them as moderators are quite active on popular forums who will surely ban you from using it.

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Avoid BlackHat tools if you are going to create authority blog. Concentrate more on your content and do guest posts on authority blog to build high quality links. This is the 16th part of Money Making Blog Series! check it out here. In next post i will tell you How to be socially active to boost your Income.

Do you have any other link building strategies with you share it with us. We will surely update your info on our post.


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  1. Hi Suprabhat,
    Once again I am here buddy to appreciate your hard work as well as add some points to the above article.

    First of all, I would like to say you defined and narrated each and every point in depth and nicely but I will be mentioning here the points you’ve missed and I think they should be there.

    1. You forgot to define/differentiate Nofollow and Do follow. I am taking this point here because you told in the article that backlinks are considered as votes in rankings but I would like to correct you that only Dofollow backlinks acts as votes whereas Nofollow backlinks helps you to drive traffic up to some extent. I discussed it because many newbies are also going to visit your blog and they may get confused.

    2. You mentioned Guest Posting above as a strategy to create backlinks, I do agree with you and many pro-bloggers/pro-writers are taking benefit of this thing. But, I would like to tell you one thing that Guest Posting is against Google’s Policy and it may lead to penalty as well.
    I don’t say that you don’t do guest posting, because even trying to rank is against Google ToS, but you can do it in such a manner that it doesn’t affect your blog negatively.

    So, whenever you’re trying to do guest posting never do too many guest posts in short span of time, otherwise you will get caught.

    After that you mentioned that we can take backlinks from author bio but I am completely against this, I would rather prefer asking for backlinks in between the article as it seems natural but, by backlinks in author bio are really easy for Google bots to track and lead to penalty.
    So always go for backlinks in-between article rather than author bio but you can connect your social profiles in author bio. 🙂

    3. Even though it is a very general point, I would like to mention “Always concentrate on quality over quantity of backlinks”.

    4. At last, I would like to add one more important point. Try to make as many quality back links as you can, but not much rapidly because “more backlinks will get you less Alexa”

    That’s all what I wish to add. Hope you will also agree with me. 🙂

    Overall, it was again an amazing and helpful post like all others you have published earlier.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Vinay Kumar Katiyar
    Vinay Kumar Katiyar recently posted…The TOD! Chat With Paul Billygraham Reang of ChrometechnyMy Profile

    1. Hey Vinay,

      Thanks for such an awesome comment,
      As well as you had added some more point which i forget to add in this post surely i will update it soon.
      You explained the concept of no follow and do follow backlinks and which is helpful out of this two.
      But i don’t agree with you about taking backlink via Author bio, someone only get penalized due to it because of placing non relevant link or placing the same link with same anchor text for numerous time.

      Once again Thanks for commenting
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to Make Your Blog Popular in 60 daysMy Profile

  2. Thanks for sharing this post .

    You have very well explained how we can create backlinks to our website and get good traffic to our website.

    By commenting we can easily get good traffic but will it be good to comment on each and every site you visit ? What things should we check before commenting on blogs.

    1. Hey Simranjit,

      Thanks for reading the blog and dropping your whole hearted comment here.
      Commenting is the best way to drive referral traffic mostly.
      You should check
      1st whether the blog is relevant to your niche or not.
      2nd Check it activeness via Social shares and comments the more it is your comment will get more exposure.

      Keep Visiting
      Suprabhat recently posted…How to make Backlinks & Dominate Search EngineMy Profile

  3. Thanks Suprabhat! Its Really best way of backlink creation. I have a small clarification on this topic. In old SEO practice they were following relevant directory & web 2.0 submissions for backlink creation, Nowadays these types of submissions are helpful or not. Still, few SEO Companies are using directory backlink tools for backlink creations, is it good for the website?


  4. Thanks Suprabhat! Its Really best way of backlink creation. I have a small clarification on this topic. In old SEO practice they were following relevant directory & web 2.0 submissions for backlink creation, Nowadays these types of submissions are helpful or not. Still, few SEO Companies are using directory backlink tools for backlink creations, is it good for the website?

  5. Hi Suprabhat,

    I have being doing lot of things for improving my website traffic, the most important and regular factor which i follow and also helped my website is the blog commenting work. This really helps to drive good amount of referral traffic and help to boost ranking as well.

    Dev Pandey recently posted…Who are we ?My Profile

  6. all points are very true i also tell people the same thing in my blog also but there are very few who follow all of these and they still complaints

  7. Hi,

    Absolutely making backlinks bring the blog on first page on search engines. But many people forget that “content is the king” then only backlinks [Queen] We can even rank a post without backlinks but the article must be high quality. And your article is just awesome 😀 Keep writing such useful articles 🙂

    Have a good day 🙂 .
    Antony Deroshan recently posted…How To Make Windows 7 Look Like Windows 10 [Technical Preview]?My Profile

  8. Thank you for sharing excellent informations. Your website is very cool. I am impressed by the details that you have on this blog. It reveals how nicely you understand this subject.

  9. Hey buddy,

    Great post bro, getting backlinks naturally will take some time but its SEO friendly that’s how backlinks must be build for long term blog 🙂 started reading you’re blog for past few days regularly after seeing you’re posts going viral on social found you’re posts pretty interesting 🙂 keep sharing cool posts.

    Issac paul
    issac paul recently posted…5 Worst Advice You Follow For Your SmartphoneMy Profile

  10. Great post for creating backlinks….I think commenting on commentluv blogs is the best and easy way for getting backlinks and improving search engine rankings….Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  11. hi suprabhat..
    i am a new bee to blogging profession and your article was so much helped to me to know how to get more traffic and get back links..
    thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  12. Hi Suprabhat,
    this is another awesome part of make money series.
    I really like this post because you share every aspect of creating quality backlinks.
    I think naturally backlinks are very useful for rank higher in google search engine.

    I have a question about Social Bookmarking sites.
    Now a days, some of social bookmarking sites publish your post after 2 votes. when your post publish then it give you do-follow back-links.

    I am participating in these types of social bookmarking sites. Please give your review about that type of sites.

    Areesha Noor!
    Areesha Noor recently posted…Happy New Year 2016 WishesMy Profile

  13. Yes,link building is one of the most crucial part in ranking google and Quality links are must to rank it article like this will surely help people to rank better in search drive good traffic to their websites.But these day ranking is not just about making links it’s about balance seo which include good anchor variation,spam free onpage seo and competition research.
    seema kale recently posted…How To Bypass Online Surveys & Get Rid Of Survey TrapMy Profile

  14. hi Emmanuel ,
    Thanks for sharing the idea of backlinking for search engine and website ranking .I am a beginner in seo field and finding a best site for backlinking . Your post is informative and helpful for me to build a best backlinks for my site new site and rank a site on first page of google .
    I request you please share more information on different topics of seo field that help me alot.
    Sampa John recently posted…Muay Thai Training Now at Sampa Jiu-Jitsu SchoolMy Profile

  15. I always wanted to learn about backlinks but the fact is that making backlinks is getting difficult day by day and its not that easy in 2020 than it was 5 years ago. Google is constantly changing its algorithms making it difficult to rely on a particular technique to get a dofollow backlink from a high domain authority website. I have been trying for a long but couldn’t find a working solution. But anyways I am still trying and getting motivated by blogs like yours and hope to succeed finally one day.

  16. Nice blog post on submission of backlinks. As we know that backlinks are very important in SEO and quality backlinks are the once whom Google give more preference. Nice blog post keep the good work going.

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