How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

Online money making is something that attracts a lot of audience. Nevertheless, it should do so as well, because it is such an interesting topic, and no one hates making money.

We all have heard of webmasters, marketers and bloggers, who’ve been making six figure incomes from their blogs. There are several streams through which people make money online, one of which is Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing means promoting others’ products in lieu of commission. In this, you need to promote someone else’s product/service in order to generate sales for the product. For every sale you make, you earn a specific commission.This commission varies from product to product.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

If you too are planning to hop in this domain, and try your luck with to make money with affiliate marketing, below are some tips to help you get started.

1 . Select the right product –

Your product is the mainstream thing which you would be promoting all the way long, thereby it needs to be selected carefully.There are lots of vendors that offer an affiliate program. They allow others to promote their products via banners and links and help them make money out of it.

Not only product based companies, there are several service based companies such as ASOtop1 ( ASOTop1  is an app store optimization service provider paying high rewards for sending them new orders ) that has a strong affiliate program for marketers.

If you are starting fresh in this field, high paying products might sound very delicious to you, but don’t carried away by them. You need to pick up a product that suits your market and it should be something which would really add value to your reader’s life.

Make sure you have tested the product you are going to promote.

2 . Drive Traffic

Before you start building strategies to drive traffic to the particular product, you should make a landing page. Landing pages are the best way to promote the product/services in the best possible way and secure maximum sales. They are crafted in a way to demonstrate the product in the best possible way.

There are lots of plugins and web apps that can assist you in creating landing pages. Make sure you utilize them in right manner and build a nice page. Once you have a decent page built for you, you can start driving traffic to it in order to increase sales.

There are several ways in which you can drive visitors towards that page like :-

  • Write Reviews of the product ( people are always looking for opinion for a specific product ). Some bloggers make six figures only by promoting themes from themeforest theme store.
  • Use schema ratings. They can be used to decorate your search engine results and thereby increasing overall user engagement with the landing page. It has been proven by several studies that Schema leads to a significant increase in CTR ( Click through rate ).
  • Participate in forums. Comment and reply on forums related to your product, this won’t only establish yourself as an expert, but also send some visitors back to the landing page. Since those users already see you as an expert, they would surely love to buy from you.

When participating in forums, make sure you leave links in the signature when posting a link or commenting on one.

Conclusion – I’ve been personally with the Affiliate program of ASOtop1, and it has worked out quite good for me. Since this thing is already in demand, it sells on its own, once provided a slight push. Also, people buy product quite less often as compared to services.

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