How to make money from Teespring without investing money!

Make money from teespring without investing money

Everybody loves wearing T-shirts even me too, have you ever thought you can make money by selling tee shirts ? If didn’t then it is the time you should start thinking of, today I am going to tell you how you can make huge money from Teespring by selling t shirts without investing money. But before that I would like to tell you how teespring work actually and people use to make money out of it.

Make money from teespring without investing money

What is TeeSpring & How it Works ?

Teespring is a platform which allows you to create and sell custom apparel with zero upfront cost and without any risk! It is one of the best way to design and sell custom apparel designed & sold by users and remaining things likes sales and shipment are handled by them.

How it works :

It is very simple any one can start working on teespring quickly, here is how :

1. Launch Campaign : Use their online designer to create your desired tee shirt design, you can add clip art or upload your custom design.

2. Set Goal : Decide the goal i.e number of shirt you are planning to sell, remember this is the minimum you need to sell for printing.

3. Add brief title and description : This is where you can describe tee, or explain the cause. Remember to use the best attractive title and description to drive more sales quickly. At the last of the post I had shared the best format of title and description that worked good for me.

4. Share it : This is the part which has to be done correctly to make money, making money from teespring depends 50% on how you bring traffic, how you share.

Don’t worry if you are new today I will tell you how to do it correctly.

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3 Things to focus for making huge money from Teespring

There are only three things you should focus mostly, if you want to make some easy cash just by designing and selling tee shirts from your home.

  • Design
  • Description
  • Audience

1. Design of Tshirt :

MC School Tee Teespring

It is one of the key point on which you should focus on, as design of tee is the 1st thing which attract any buyers so one had to give more attention for designing an attractive tee shirt. If you need a good idea for a tee and for a particular audience you can visit Teeview.

2. Description :

Your campaign title and description also matter a lot which matters a lot for driving more sales after attracting users. Heading and Description which I used in my campaign is below share it to unlock it.


Heading: Ltd Edition: (your campaign)


Put any one of these versions:

Version one: Are you a …? Then this (your campaign name) is perfect for you!

Version two: Do you Like…? Then this(your campaign name) is perfect for you!

And use it with this:

Wear it Proud, Wear it Loud!

IMPORTANT: This Ends March 15th, So don’t miss out on a Limited Edition Tee!

*Guaranteed Satisfaction + Safe and Secure Checkout via Paypal/Visa/Mastercard*

When you press the big green button, you will be able to choose your size(s). Be sure to order before we run out of stock!

Having trouble ordering? Contact our customer support team! 1-855-TEESPRING (1-855-833-7774)

*don’t use the words in bold in your description.


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3. Audience :

This is the major factor of getting success with teespring. If you have targeted and huge audience for any niche then making sales with teespring is like making a cup of tea. There are many ways making sales of tshirts, some of them are :

  • Advertising using Facebook (Most Popular among Users)
  • Driving Sales via Blog
  • Using Google Adword

But today I am going to tell you another way of making sales, actually I am not gonna tell you how to make sales but I will tell you how to create audience of any particular niche on Twitter or Instagram.

Now a days there are many web apps which allows you to get more targeted followers of any particular niche like Gadgets lovers, Growth Hackers, Car lovers,Fashion, Health any niche you want. So How I do this ?

The best Teespring course I would like to suggest you is TeeIncome Profit System, this is the single course that i know is the best considered this time as it provides everything at one place like full course, videos, software’s and lifetime membership account.

Two tools which I used to copy followers of any niche are :

  1. What you have to do is find some influencers of your niche like for entrepreneurship I will select @entrepreneur and @growthhackers because they have many entrepreneurs who are following this two profile. Similarly you can do for your niche.
  2. Now after you have found some twitter profiles, go to any of this two sites, then go to Copy follower tab and add twitter handles of those profile you want to copy followers, and start following them.

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Here is an example of baseball niche, you can check their profile how they manage their profile engage with readers and sell tee shirt from twitter.

Baseball Niche

To get more followers one easy ways is to follow others and they will follow you back. Not only you have to get more followers but also keep them engaged don’t only post links to your campaign also post some status, quotes, images so that you didn’t spam your profile it will increase your campaign reach . Once you have enough audience you can create various apparels and keep them selling easily and hence maximizing your profit.

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So this was all about how you can make money from teespring by selling tee shirt and other apparel without investing money, secret of making money from teespring is build audience and then go for tshirt designs. Click here to Join Teespring

If you have any query related to teepspring, feel free to drop your comment below. I will reply to all, also don’t forget to share this post on your social profile.

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    1. Hey Tonmoy,

      I have not much experience in making videos but will surely try if possible I will try to create a short video explaining every aspects. Soon I will publish post on How to run Facebook ads successfully. Wish you all the best any time you face any problem feel free to contact me.


    1. Hey Sachin,

      Thanks for commenting, Subscribe our newsletter and keep making money online by learning our ways of making money online.


    1. Hey Abhishek

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment here, Yes it is very easy to make money from Teespring I said it above also, but one had to find or create his audience who will be buying your custom designed apparel, this will be not any worth if you didn’t have any buyers.


  1. Hey sup bro,
    What an amazing article and what a nice strategy to make some money out of teespring with zero investment.But here we need to target a particular niche.If we use facebook ad campaign also , would it work like a charm…Anyways loved the article..keep it up
    Neo recently postedBest Sites to Watch TV Shows Online Free

    1. Hey Neo,

      Thanks for you words, Yes this post is to make sales on particular niche and targeting particular niche helps you get amazing potential customers which can help you make more money online via teespring as they would be buying your custom designed apparel.


    1. Hey Shravan,

      Thanks For Commenting,
      Hope you also got to know How I was able to make huge fan followers on Twitter.
      Stay tuned for more.


    1. Hey issac,

      No it is not at all similar to fiverr both are different platform and are used for various purpose.
      Fiverr is a marketplace of Services and GIGS while Teespring is a platform where user can design and sell t shirts to make huge money doing simple things
      Yes it is legit network, minimum payout is their threshold once you cross it.
      You can request your payment.
      Payment is done via Paypal.

      Any more query ?


    1. Hey Sabrez,

      Yes they will print the t-shirt as if you make 3 sales t shirt will be print but your profit will be less in that.
      So don’t worry just you have to cross there threshold of three tshirts.

      Thanks for commenting


  2. This is a nice way of making money by selling T-shirts. I have been hearing about it but did not knew much about earning through teespring.

    I will surely give it a try and wish to earn good from it.

    I would like to know about the payment and earning procedure on sales. How do we get paid and how much do they charge or take from the sales .

    I would also like to know what if we are unable to sell the number of shirts we enter in the goal section.

    Thanks for sharing about it , waiting for the response to my queries.
    Simranjit singh recently posted…{UPDATED} Giveaways for this month of domains , hosting & HTC Desire 616My Profile

  3. kind of late to this thread, but why would anyone want to set their threshold higher than the minimum? Why would one make their initial goal 15 or 20 or 25 T-shirts?

    1. Yes Ahmad,

      TeeSpring is still valid source of earning there are many friends of mind who are earning handsome amount of money from it.
      Let me know if you face any problem.

  4. Hi Suprabhat really nice post, Teespring is doing a great job its a great income opportunity to earn from tee income. If you are a good designer there are great chances of getting more sales, you explained it very well and i like your way of targeting audience from twitter apps! 🙂 i also write some views regarding teespring hope you check it and show your views and leave a comment over there,thanks.
    Emily Johnson recently posted…How to Make Money from Teespring without Spending a Penny!My Profile

  5. hello, i have question, im the one to design the t-shirt, who is the person to make this shirt,

    For printing of the shirt, me or the teespring?

  6. Hi
    I just want to know what is the procedure to get money? means If i made a t-shirt how do i get to know that my t-shirt is sold and whatever the amount will the amount be directly transffered into my bank account or what? Please answer.

  7. Nice to trick to make money online and this is one of the best way to make money online. I always love the way you blog.

  8. I am new on Teespring, and I build a store front about 3-4 weeks a go with 10 campaigns or something like this. I notice that I have 19 sales with 25 units sold in total but I have 0$ comision when it supposed to be at least 6$ comision for every unit sold. The campaign goal was 350 units to each campaign in 21 days, now I did change the goal to 1 and the campaigns are made for 1 day with continue relaunch. I did ask teespring about this but no answer. Also I have notice that I have the option to send mail to all those 19 buyers, and I really ant to ask them if they receive the shirts. Can some one explain me what is wrong or what happened that I have 0 comision even that I sold 25 units? I will bookmark this page and wait for answer. Thank you

  9. do you have any paid tutorial guys ,, i want to buy …… if those are very informative ,,,thanks everyone

  10. Need some advices on Facebook advertising, I tried targeting using demographs, interests based on habits and niche interests too, but cpc is too high, tried 3,4 different campaigns and all are in vain, so wondering where did I did a mistake, it would be great if you reply, so that we can talk about this

  11. sir i am interested in teespring .but i want to know how i get money in my bank account as teespring is not a Indian company.

  12. Hi admin if you visit this post still. Please help me answering my question. I am new to this site. I already design one t shirt and created a campaign. I saw your method for how to bring more audience, thanks for those ideas. My question is if i don’t make any sale till the campaign ends. Do i need to spend money or u can relaunch again the campaign. Whether i make sale or not i wont be charged right. Earn with out investment means that only right.

  13. hello sir, i’m new to e-commerce specifically teespring. I created shirts and even invested in fb ads but it seems its not making any sales at all. I searched shirts that sell well on teespring. I made different shirts for a specific niche but sadly no sales.I don’t get it sir. I dont know how those shirts on teespring managed to sell thousands.I even watched tutorials on how to target specific audience and place. But still zero conversion.Please help me.I would appreciate it thank you

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