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How to make money from Twitter

How to make money from Twitter

Many of my readers wanted to know how to make money online without investment, so i thought to write this post in which i am going to explain everything how to make money from Twitter. Many of us don’t know that our major Popular social sites like Twitter, Facebook and many more can be monetized. But one need to take care of his/her account because one wrong step can led you down so many stairs of success in earning money online from Twitter.

Money making key of Twitter lies in the no. of followers you get. Don’t misunderstood it, here i am talking about the number of followers you get naturally and are targeted. Having Natural followers means you have your own market of real customers and only thing you have to do is sell something they will love and enjoy. So earning from twitter totally depends on two things :

  1. No. of Followers & their quality
  2. Your way of monetizing it

So let’s start :

How to make money from Twitter

How to make Money from Twitter ?

If you are new to this platform don’t worry, you are not so far to make money from it. The first thing you need to do is setup your market place i.e Increase no. of followers and it should be natural.

What is Natural Twitter Follower ?

Natural Twitter Followers are those who follows you because they loves your tweets, they are interacting with your tweets and want to get more. They are seeking for latest updates and quality information from you.

Ways to grow your Natural Twitter Followers ->

1. Make your Twitter Account Real :- To make your profile look real, upload your photo and proper description about you. Add a real or your brand cover at back to make your twitter timeline more attractive.

2. Tweet Reasonably :- Don’t spam your timeline i had seen many profile spamming their profile by tweeting like bots with only promotional tweets even if followers are interacting with or not. So don’t act like a bot be a human, tweeting 15 times a day will be quite reasonable.

3. Post something which Encourage to follow you :- Many of us don’t look over this step but it is most crucial and bring natural twitter followers very fast. You can ask your friends to do a small favor by following you.

4. {Optional}:- If you have a Blog, let your readers know about you that you are on twitter, it will also give a boost to your natural followers.

Note :- Don’t buy Twitter Followers from Fiverr or SEOclerks, you will get followers but do you know are they real or bots ?Watch out.

Even if you offer some sort of things to your followers it is not sure they will follow you for long, or will pay attention to your tweets. If you are on EasyTweets or Twiends they offers credit to users to follow you, you can say it “grey hat followings“.

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Now we are proceeding on various ways of monetizing twitter account.

How to Monetize Twitter Account for making money ?

If you will Google out this problem you will find couples of result but some are not genuine. I have figured out some of this platform which will help you make money online. Remember the amount of money you earn will totally depends on your no. of followers and their interaction with your tweets. So always try to engage your readers. Ways to monetize twitter account are :-

1. Posting Promotional Tweets :-

Promotional tweets are those tweets which promote any product. You can send out your tweets to your profile with your own product or any product you are affiliated with. I had made $150 out of it by just promoting Hostgator hosting Black Friday Special 75% OFF when i was having only 53 followers in my account. Steps to follow while posting promotional tweets :

  • Always use proper keywords in #hashtags.
  • Don’t tweet irrelevant product.
  • Post less promotional tweets, don’t spam your profile.
  • Act like a human.

2. Get Paid to Tweet :-

This is one of the easiest way to make quick cash out of twitter. There are some platforms which offers you some message to tweet on your profile, advertisers here get attracted more by the no. of real and targeted followers you have. There are two platform which i majorly use which are SponsoredTweets and another is Mylikes. Both pays you for tweeting advertisers messages.

a. Sponsored Tweets :-

This is one of the best platform to earn money directly. On this platform you don’t have any chance of choosing any post, Advertiser will choose any of the members. Members just have to wait for the advertisers to choose and contact with offers. You have the power to accept or deny that offer according to type of message and money he/she life to spend on it. Advertisers get attracted by the no. of followers you have and the quality they have.

b. MyLikes :-

If you have real followers and you also get clicks on your tweets than Mylikes is one of the best platform to monetize your twitter. If you start tweeting targeted content that users love will surely help you generate reasonable income out of it. Just you need to create a free Mylikes account,  after that you will find many paid tweets of various category, choose the one that your audience may love and increase your earnings.

3. Sell your Tweets on Fiverr/SEOclerks :-

There are many others microjob platform which you can use to sell your gigs around, but i mostly like Fiverr and SEOclerks. You can setup your profile on SEOclerk free here. SEOclerks is more organized as compared to others for selling tweets, make your profile look real and you will see orders will start coming quickly.

Here is an example below of one of the gigs you can sell on SEOclerks

Make money from Twitter

So this is all about various ways of earning money from twitter without investments. If you know other methods also of earning money from twitter,let me know or tell in comments below. Don’t forget to share, Thanks! Until then click here to read how to make micro niche blogs which makes passive income

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