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Scaling a business is one of the toughest challenges and a real test for the entrepreneur. It is the difference between creating products, selling services and designing systems. That is when automatization steps it. If you want to grow your business, you need to develop processes and rules and then to delegate these to machines. Aim for the as little workforce as possible for minimizing costs. Also, as weird as it might sound, even personal touches like thank you notes and client birthday cards can be included in this scheme.

Automate marketing

The first step in building your sales machine is automating the “luring process”. You want as many possible leads at the top of your sales to funnel, just to be sure at least something reaches the bottom.  You need to have in place, 24/7 attractive statements about your business, relevant information and transparent information.

It doesn’t hurt to have some freebies or a demo version to show that you are ready to give before you charge them.

Client onboarding

Client Onboarding

Make the registration process as easy as possible, including the legal part. With increasing pressure on data privacy and managing personal information, you need to be crystal clear about these aspects. Provide both the long-form of the legal paperwork together with a friendlier version to show that you care.

Gather all relevant data at this step, without being too intrusive. Don’t forget to give them options to set their privacy and communication preferences. You will need this in your automated communication scheme.

Automate payments and subscriptions

The central point of your automation strategy should refer to payments. The simple reasoning behind this is that once the pain point of subscribing to the service is overcome, it takes a colossal mistake from the business to make the client unsubscribe. Also, having customers on automated payment schemes gives you a constant cash inflow and more confidence to grow your business.

You don’t just want to charge them for nothing and hope they won’t notice for a few months; you want to provide real value. If you are asking them for their credit card, be sure to let them know how this will impact their finances. Warn them about missed payment or accumulating unnecessary debt by providing a link to a comprehensive resource like Being fair and transparent is highly valued by clients.

Personal touches

If your clients trusted you with a wealth of personal info, like their address, birthday and you already have an idea about what they might be interested in, it’s time to use all these. Make pertinent recommendations. These could be related to a previous order, an item placed in the cart but not bough or even their location if there is an event or a promotion available.

Create an automated scheme with the right triggers. Even if they know such messages are generated automatically they will still be impressed.

When starting your business try to set your goal to operate it without your intervention or with as little implication as possible. In successful companies, the entrepreneur works on the business, not inside it.

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