How to make Money by uploading videos on YouTube

How to Make Money Uploading Videos on YouTube

You might have heard about Peoples,YouTube Channels  who are earning money by uploading videos on YouTube. And many of you might have tried jumping into it to make money by your YouTube videos and channels but you not make except some bucks it is because you didn’t have huge followers or Subscribers. So in this tutorial we will learn How to make Money by uploading videos on YouTube even if you don’t have huge subscribers.

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How to Make Money Uploading Videos on YouTube

Things you will learn :-

  • How to create your own YouTube Channel and how to make it look professional
  • How to Create YouTube Videos easily without having professional Skills
  • How to get Adsense approval via your YouTube Videos
  • How to rank YouTube Videos high on Search Engine as well as YouTube.com
  • {Bonus} How to Find Trending Topics for creating YouTube videos

So let’s start :

How to make Money with YouTube Videos

First to make money with YouTube videos we need to create an YouTube Videos channel where we will upload our YouTube videos and finally we will monetize it properly to make money.

1. How to Create YouTube Channel

Each YouTube account have at least one channel attached to it where people upload videos. To get more subscriber one had to make it look professional to audience which will attract them more and hit Subscriber button.

YouTube account is attached with the Gmail account, creating an Google account will grant you access to many more other products of Google like Google Docs, Google Adword and many more.

Steps to follow for creating YouTube Channel :

  • 1st step is to sign in to YouTube using your Google account.
  • At the left side you will find an option with label “My Channel” click on it. Your channel get created automatically once you create Google account and it get the same name that your Google+ profile have.

Now it is the time to make it look professional. To make your YouTube Channel look professional you need to create a Channel art (Cover) and have to add proper description that you will provide to your audience like Fun, How to Guides, Review anything.

If you want to rename your channel you have to rename it by changing name of your Google+ profile.

2. How to Create YouTube Videos

It is one of the major problem faced by newbies as they don’t know how to create unique YouTube videos. Those who are professional can create it easily and can edit it using some software’s like Camastudio. But as a newbie it is very difficult so don’t worry YouTube provides a facility to create videos using photo Slideshow. Here below is a video tutorial which you can use to learn How to Create YouTube videos using photo slideshow.

I hope this tutorial would have helped you in creating YouTube Videos easily.

3. How to Get Adsense Approval via YouTube Videos

Getting Google Adsense approval is one of the important part to get paid via YouTube Videos because it is the only way to monetize your YouTube videos if you want to make money online (except affiliate Marketing). To get adsense approval you need to have a unique video on your Channel, which you can create easily via above Video tutorial.

Watch below Video Tutorial To learn How to Get Adsense Approval Quickly

This trick is the easiest way to get Google Adsense Approval quickly. Hope you liked it.

4. How to Rank YouTube Videos Higher on Search Engine as well as YouTube

Now it is one of the major thing which we need to focus on is to optimize our video to rank high on Search Engine. As we do SEO for our blogs we also had to SEO for our YouTube Channel and Videos to rank it high on search engine if we do not have huge subscribers or followers.

Here also there are On Page SEO and OFF page SEO to increase Search engine ranking and visiblity :-

1. ON Page SEO :-

To optimize your video on page optimized you need to add your desired Keywords into following places :

  • Always Target Long Tail Keywords
  • Add Keywords in YouTube Video Title
  • Add Keywords in your YouTube Video description
  • Add Keywords in Tags of your YouTube video

NB :- Keep Keywords Density a little higher in description as compared to blogs and remember to add keywords which are related to your YouTube video.

2. OFF Page SEO :-

It is really important and difficult of all the above as OFF page SEO includes link building if you have a blog you can build link easily from it but if the keyword you are targeting had high competition you have to build more links.

Would you like to create a blog that makes money ? Click here to read more about it

You can build more links by sharing it on Social Sites, Blogging Communities or by commenting on various forums.One more thing you need to do is Ping others to help search engine index it faster rather than waiting for it to get indexed quickly.

To ping other website you can use Pingomatic or GooglePing.

NB :- Ping only once pinging several times in a day may dis-index your video from Search Engine.

5. How to Find Trending Topics to Create YouTube Videos

If anyone want to make quick money from Google Adsense one have to find what is the thing which is trending on Search engine and YouTube. Here we will use Google Trend to find out Whats Trending! on Web.

1. Visit http://www.google.com/trends/hottrends

2. Here you can target Country based Web searches which are trending.

3. In left side you will find a colorful box with a search term click on it. You will find keywords which are trending on web. Look for a keyword which has been searched more times like 2-3 times.

Keywords for creating YouTube Videos

4. Do Keyword Research using that keyword and create your YouTube Video using photo slideshow.

If you face any problem in above steps you are free to ask your question in comment below. I would love to reply you via comments or you can contact me. Wish you all the best one can make huge money using YouTube just need a little experience.

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  1. Thanks for sharing how to make money through you tube video’s and different ways of money making online without investment.this information shows way to newbies to step forward in blogging field.

  2. Hi Suprabhat,
    Long time, you wrote an article like this. I am really happy that Money Gossips is back on track with the amazing content as usual.

    Now, coming to the article. I must say you might have done a lot of research before writing this masterpiece. Otherwise, you won’t be able to write so much useful things and that even at single place. You’ve covered each and every topic really nice.

    You started with making an account on YouTube followed by creating videos, AdSense approval, ranking and even finding the trending topics. I must say this is a complete article for a newbie to start earning with YouTube.

    But, as all of us know, your blog is now attracting professionals as well, there must be something advanced that could also help them in some way.

    I had tried my hand with YouTube some days back. So, I would like to add some points for earning except AdSense.

    1.Providing link to some of your blogs in description after shortening them using link shorteners. This can make some decent amount if done nicely.

    2. If we’re making a video for downloading some stuff. Use PPD network and place its download link in description. If done nicely, this can make a huge income for you, like $$$.

    3. Instead of these, we can also promote our products in videos and make money through affiliate marketing which is the best way to make $$$$.

    For now, I remember only these points but I will get back to you all with some more earning options after a good research.

    Hope you agree with my points. 😀

    Anyways, you’ve written a superb article. But if you do some edits in future, make sure to add some methods to gain followers. 🙂

    Thanks for such a lovely post.


    Vinay Kumar Katiyar

  3. Hello Suprabhat bro,
    Thats really a nice article to understand Youtube and Adsense on how to make money through it.

    In the past I tried YouTube video but not any one of them ranked so earning is way far, Gone take this article as a basic skeleton and gone put more flesh on it now.

    Appreciated for the nice write up…. Over to you bro.
    Raja Joseph recently posted…Boom Beach on Windows PC free downloadMy Profile

  4. Hello Suprabhat,

    Great post.The best thing which I like most in your articles is that your articles are so easy to understand because it is written in so easy language and I like your all points and like most How to get adsense approval via YouTube videos.

    Thanks to share this useful post:)

    Mohd Arif
    Mohd Arif recently posted…ULTIMATE LIST OF CONTENT MARKETING TOOLSMy Profile

  5. Awesome article! Video Marketing is huge right now, but it can be a super time consuming task. Whether your an affiliate just trying to make some money online, or have your own business – video marketing is something you NEED to tap into if you want to create lots of new leads, customers, and sales.

    I was always looking for a way to streamline the process, making it much more faster so i’m not spending my whole sunday (my only day off) creating, uploading, and optimizing a video. Luckily I found a cool software that meets my needs. So now an 8 hour task, is now a twenty minute one. Talk about productivity!

    You can check out the software here: http://bit.ly/1Bxt3PH
    Jackie Masteron recently posted…Marketing Trends – Micro Videos Taking OverMy Profile

  6. Thanks for sharing..! Actually, I have some video on YouTube. You know..? However, my channel could not earn anymore since I was scammed by and advertising network call Adsrev. I cannot cancel the contact, thus I have to wait for one year.

    However, I create a new channel but still not implement the plan yet. Thanks for sharing..! that is really nice tips about Youtube.
    Kimsea Sok recently posted…How to Build Quality Backlinks with Private Network BlogsMy Profile

  7. Thanks man….I am just about to create my own video channel on youtube regarding the reviews of some popular Android apps…But since there is already a lot competition in the market ,I was pretty confused about the right strategy..Thanks for helping me out..Would you like to suggest something to me in addition ?
    Ashu Malik recently posted…Tinder for PC Download for Windows 7/8/XPMy Profile

  8. Really you shared a very interesting and useful information.
    Make money with youtube video is very good idea but it is very difficult also for us.
    But i will try this for making money. anyway thanks for giving these good information with detail in a easy words. i read your article and feel comfortable because i understand your written words.
    thanks once again for this great sharing.
    Rana irfan recently posted…Happy new year 2016 wishes messagesMy Profile

  9. Hi Suprabhat,

    Good post indeed!
    I think this method is best for those that have not enough knowledge about blogging. that have not Google content adsense. They make money just uploading their own videos.

    I am also starting to work on YouTube next year after new year event. Hope this post will help me a lot.

    Areesha Noor!
    Areesha Noor recently posted…Happy new year 2016 in AdvanceMy Profile

  10. Great post!!! You shared a great and useful information. This is helpful to the people who are looking to earn money by uploading videos on YouTube. Thanks for sharing this valuable info for us. Keep up blogging.

  11. This is a valuable guide on making money online through You tube .

    I have followed the few first steps already that is made a Youtube channel on a trending topic , added adsense on it but not able to generate good amount of traffic to these .

    I have added the keywords and done the on page for it and shared on social media too , will be going through your off page guide and see if it works for me .

    Thanks for sharing this guide , looking for further suggestions to rank my channel .
    Simranjit singh recently posted…Steps to make a websiteMy Profile

  12. Hi Suprabhat, Blogpost is very informative but i wants to learn how anyone can rank their videos higher doing link building? Do you suggest some techniques on your next blogpost?

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