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Hello, bigger world! Welcome to the web.

From its infancy, the Internet has matured into a world all of its own. Can you imagine the world, well, more specifically, the marketplace or trading without it? It is difficult to imagine a world where the Internet just ceases to exist. The ability to purchase items online has become second nature to many people. Of course, there are many who prefer the brick-and-mortar storefronts. Even with that taken into account, those shoppers opt for some online business. Reservations can be quickly and easily clicked into reality, along with stock trading and appointment setting. The fascination we all have with foreign countries is now at our fingertips like never before. Meeting new people from different backgrounds and cultures broadens our horizons and diversifies our minds.

The Internet boom hit hard!

In the dark ages of the web, that infamous sound of the dial-up Internet making its eventual connection was like music to our ears at the time. Here we are just a couple of decades later and it is somewhat of a necessity. Many educators require homework to be completed online instead of by paper and pencil. It is now a utility much like the switch that flips on a light or the phone we are so obsessed with as humans. The brilliance of it is that the major improvements that have been made in the World Wide Web since its launch are incredible.

Fascination evolved into necessity.

In the beginning, we were fascinated with the ability to see an ad for a recognized brand of potato chips on our computer screens. The capabilities that have been realized are incredible, even though we are somewhat desensitized to it now. Can you imagine if the beginning of the web brought us the ability to reserve an entire camping weekend and all we had to do was show up? We would have felt as if we stepped right into Back To The Future III. Well, the future is now, and as conditioned as we all are to having the Internet at our fingertips 24/7, the capabilities of our beloved web are no less convenient and time-saving.

Yes, there is software for that.

Software is now created to work parallel with the incredible web. Consider the travel industry, from airlines to hotels, resorts to campgrounds. Innovative campground management software is crucial in this day and age to book a vacation, and many people will, in fact, move on to the next campground if they find there is no way to book online. Keeping your guests organized and giving the ability to simply pull up and camp is now an essential part of hospitality. Many travelers assume that if the company doesn’t have a website, then it must be neglected or poorly maintained. Allowing guests to realize your brand and explore your property online is more important than ever.

There are many reasons to consider campground hosting software for your business:

  • More exposure to potential guests
  • Real-time reservations
  • Ability to accurately list vacancies
  • Simplified POS for retail purchases
  • Interactive maps to view
  • Mobile-friendly software to book from a smartphone

Making the trip as easy as possible.

Easy Trip Booking

Did I remember my toothbrush? or perhaps, “Do they allow pets?” Maybe even, “Did I forget to bring my good shoes?” These are just a few of the things travelers run through their mental lists. When they can book online, they will not be saying, “What if there is no space available for us?

According to Forbes, 97% of campers bring some sort of technology with them, even camping. The numbers are incredible; to the tune of 77 million Americans going camping. That is a lot of reservations to be made, am I right? The rise in camping, especially among Millennials or Gen X’ers is like never before. The high-stress environments today is partially responsible. People look forward to getting back to (mostly) basics, relaxing, and decompressing.

The ability to be up close and personal with nature appeals to most Americans, whether it is the gritty and most basic tent-camping glamping, or somewhere in between. You cannot deny or ignore the numbers. The demand requires sufficient software to handle the onslaught of flannel-clad campers loaded into their Priuses, heading your way.

Welcome to camping in 2019.

All kidding aside, the fact is the world is pushing back against ill-equipped resorts. With the choices available, it is easily done. The best way to compete is to join the trendiest of hosts and make the plunge into superior hospitality. Start before your guests even arrive by offering a place to reserve, pay, and tour the area before they even leave home.

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