How To Manage Email Lists With Snov.io Tools


In recent research by Radicati Group, it was found that on average a person receives about 95 emails per day. If you are a marketer, agency, freelancer, outreach specialist or any business, you need to build strong relationships with leads. And you need to find them first of all, find the way you can reach out to them, and, surely, choose the right tools for those purposes.

Go on reading the article and you will learn how to manage email lists with Snov.io tools: you will know how to find emails and verify them.

What is Snov.io?

Snov.io is a brand new multi-purpose platform that supports professionals in cold outreach, helps boost business, and skyrocket sales. Anyone can easily use their email finder tool to find emails on the professional social network or any website, verify emails with their Chrome extension, send emails to leads within the web application or right from the Email Finder extension, and track Gmail and G Suite email performance.

Snov.io Tools

As you’ve already read, the team gives access to lots of useful tools and features. We won’t concentrate either on the Drip Campaigns tool or Email Tracker as you need to know how to manage email lists. Let’s dive into the details of the Email Finder and Verifier.

Snov.io Tools

Here we go:

Prospect Search

Just add the Email Finder to the Chrome browser and activate it on any webpage you need. The extension works immediately and will provide email addresses found on the page. It performs a search on social network pages, search engine pages, corporate webpages, etc.

So… Found the necessary company? Activate the Email Finder and save the email addresses to the list of prospects.

Domain Email Search

As the name suggests, you can find email addresses associated with a definite domain name. You only need to type in the domain name in the search field in the web application and select the email addresses to reach out to.

Snov.io also lets you perform bulk domain search which helps you collect emails from multiple domains. For this, you need to upload a file with domain names you are interested in and click the Search button.

Company Search

Snov.io helps you collect emails of company personnel. All you need is a few details like city, industry & country, and some other filtering details. This way you will perform advanced search and find emails of people from target companies.

Boolean Search

This tool can also help you in searching the right candidates if you are into recruitment. Just enter a job title, skills, and locations to find links to places where you can find the right candidate profiles. Also, you can exclude some skills and job titles or vise versa, add some of them to the search filters.

Email Verifier

When any type of email search is over, the list of prospects is ready, one more step remains before you can start sending emails. You need to verify emails.

Snov.io has got an Email Verifier which helps check emails that you have collected. It doesn’t matter how many emails there are on the list, you can upload a list of email addresses to the platform and it will perform verification in a matter of minutes. With such a tool at your disposal, the emails you send will always reach the Inbox and the bounce rate will never go high.

Also, you can add their Chrome extension to the browser and enjoy verification any moment you need it.

Don’t forget to clean the email list regularly because of some reasons an email address may become invalid.

Final Words

All in all, Snov.io is a great platform for people who want to generate leads, reach out to them, and who need to improve the recruiting process. There are a lot of people who have already tried Snov.io for their businesses, and it helped them a lot.

Let us know how Snov.io helped you generate quality leads and boost your business in the Comments section down below.

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