$1000+ in March 2015 ~ MoneyGossips Income & Blog Report!

March 2015 Income report

Now I should say March 2015 was really awesome for me, as I had made $1000+ this march and on 1st April I got some more offers review which you will get to see live in few days. For the last few months, I was not much active on social sites due to my college events and works. I was only focusing on my blog and SEO for it in my free time which helped me make $1000+ this month.

Today in this post I am going to reveal each and everything I had done to increase my blog traffic and income to another level. In this report, I am going to reveal my source of earning as every reader of my blog want to know how I earn from my blog. Monthly traffic & earning reports are not for showing off but to show transparency, increase trust among readers and inspire all bloggers.

March 2015 Income report

I had also generated a list of blog commentators using the MyCommentAuthors plugin developed by Enstine Muki and have attached it at the bottom.

March 2015 Traffic Report!

Let’s get started with the march 2015 blog traffic report, traffic was really great this time and most of the traffic came from Google i.e Organic traffic and after that, it is from Social sites majorly from Facebook and Twitter.

Audience Overview  Google Analytics Report MoneyGossips

As you can see in the screenshot above, the bounce rate is really high it is due to the fact that I had not done much internal linking which I will be focusing on this month this will also help me increase pages/sessions.

Top 3 Popular Articles of March 2015 are :

My Goal for the next 2 months is to bring up page views to 30k. It is not so huge but I want to reach that milestone as quickly as possible because driving huge traffic is essential for making money out of a blog.

March 2015 Income Report!

March 2015 was really awesome for me in terms of making money, I had created this blog for helping my readers to teach them how to make money out of a blog so I try to share each and everything which I do and you can also do to make money from blogging. I had made $1000+ this month and also got offers worth $100 for this month.

My source of income is affiliate marketing, which my most of readers don’t know. After affiliate marketing, my source of income is sponsored reviews and personal services.

Hostgator: Made $250 for me with 5 sales in march only. I had been doing affiliate for Hostgator only and now I think it is the perfect time to go with some other products but before doing affiliate I must try those so that I can write a genuine review for them.

Personal Services: It helped me made $540+This includes various services like which I had not made public yet because I was quite busy due to my college events and studies so in this service I create Infographics, Vector Images for a corporate and small business which I got from Twitter and they are really impressed with my work. Due to which they keep doing work with me still and I hope we keep doing it together.

Sponsored Reviews: It helped me made $220 this month I got many sponsored reviews. I got one more sponsored review for April also which I will publish soon.

So all I made $1010 almost from MoneyGossips in March which is really awesome more me and my readers. I will try my best to increase income and traffic by the next month.

I got also featured on one Expert Round-Up: Best SEO Plugin used by Experienced Blogger

March 2015 Engagement Report : Comments on this blog

There were total 106 comment authors who made 139 awesome comments in month of march excluding my reply comments to them. So I would like to thanks all those comment authors for keeping my blog active. Here is the list below :

I really want to say thanks to all of you for contributing your valuable comments to our blog.

Let me know your words in the comment below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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    1. Hey Tonmoy,

      Thanks buddy for your wishes. I will try my best to increase my blog income, So that I can use it for my startup and sponsoring RetweetBird which is coming up soon.


    1. Hey suryateja,

      Yup affiliate marketing is one of the best and reliable source of earning for bloggers and webmasters. If done properly one can make 5 figure income out of it.


    1. Hey Raza,

      Thanks for your kind words, I am trying my best to achieve huge success and wishing you the same.
      Also I wanna say Thanks for being a part of my community.

  1. Hi Supraphat,
    Good to be here again,
    You made a wonderful growth report!
    Great report and great going,
    I appreciate you for making a sizable amount
    at your leisure time along with your studies
    Keep it up my friend. 🙂
    One sad think i noticed is that out of the 139 comments
    about 50 comment authors avataar face is not showing
    instead a white head avataar is showing,
    To such people i have a suggestion to read an article (a Tuto)
    written by Chery Schmidt at my page under the title “Adding Your Picture To WordPress Blog Comments Helps Brand You” This tutorial tells how to create an
    avataar picture in wordpress pages. I request the whtehead avatar holders to do a small exercise to head up on the pages.
    Please visit this link and follow the simple suggestions made there
    Supra I appreciate your effort in putting this all together,
    Hey, i made 3 comments there i made a small mistake, from two different ids and name mentioned but the avataar picture is same, how come this, i think may be i used two different names one short and one full, next time this will not happen! I am sure
    Keep going my dear friend
    Here is the link for my friends who are holding the white head avatars!
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip
    Philip Verghese Ariel recently posted…B is For Blog Comment Authors: Philipscom Comment Authors In The Month Of March 2015My Profile

  2. Hey sup- I am very happy and inspired by your success mostly in affiliate markrting..Many of us usually fail in affiliate fail in affiliate marketing but after seeing your income reports I think we should go head…Hoping some good guides related to affiliate marketing from you
    Neo recently posted download whatsapp for pc

  3. Hey Suprabhat great work as well as result created by you. I hope this will improve more and more.
    Thanks for sharing with us your blog’s Income report.:-)

  4. This is a nice post and inspiring too.

    Congrats for your earning. It is great that in less time your have started making big income from your blog.

    The traffic source is google which is another amazing thing . You are growing at a fast rate and good luck for your future , soon you will be generating high success and income through this blog.

  5. Thanks for sharing..! This is really nice income report, and it was really impressed by me. I have to say congrats for that.

    You know..? Today I went through Enstine’s blog and I found that he have earned too similar amount to you. As I remember it is around 1300+ earning for March.

    You both did the amazing job with blogging and you have earn really really much money from you blog. Honestly, I would admit that I am not doing good job like your both.

    This month, I just earn some few budght earning. I think that it is less $300.

    thanks for sharing..! I am going to learnt more from you..
    Kimsea Sok recently posted…How to Start Best Small Business With BloggingMy Profile

  6. i love the posts with the personal experience specially on money making through blogging its a genuine honest tip , just you made with internal linking . i knew internal linking is one of the powerful concept on – page seo .Before i used to neglect but after learning the things through pro bloggers learnt some valuable points .. thanks for the post mate ..! wishes get more income through blogging.

  7. Great going. Can you please tell me on how to properly promote affiliate products for greater sales and conversion?

  8. Hi really inspiring article. It will motivate newbies to concentrate more on blogging with more confidence. Suprabhat how do you manage your timings?

    1. Hey Christy,

      Thanks for visiting us,
      I always try to keep by blog transparent with my readers so that they can get inspired and also try to make money with their blog as I do.
      I share the exact strategies that had helped me and will keep sharing it in future also.


  9. awesome content ! Thanks to the writer for proving such cool content . yah that really proves that hard work counts 😀 inspiring post 🙂

    1. Hey Edwards,

      Thanks for your kind words. Good to see you here commenting on my blog and showing your presence.
      Can I know What you do ?


  10. Thanks for sharing..!

    Honestly, the above is another awesome report that proud of professional blogger like you. You know..? This month you have done more amazing, if I compared to the previous month report.

    Actually, This month month I just keep on going, and make less earning than last month. I spent more time for writing Ebook, and I think that I may release that eBook on the end of May.

    Thanks again for sharing your report. I wish to do better like you..

    Have nice weekend..
    Kimsea Sok recently posted…6 Monster Blog Marketing Mistakes You Have to Stop ItMy Profile

  11. Hey Suprabhat its really a great post. I get impress and i hope that hereafter i will also start work like you.. Thanks a lot for sharing this post.. And congrats too.. 🙂

  12. Hi Suprabhat,

    It’s quite impressive to see that you are making tremendous progress here…1k dollars earned passively on a blog is serious business, believe me.

    It is also good to see that you have creatively deployed the affiliate model to make money online…by far, this model is the most lucrative! It’s great you creatively employed it.

    Do make the day great! 2k+ next month is the expectation!

    Akaahan Terungwa

        1. Hahahaha Then I should say you have to improve it, You can check my blog stats at similarweb also even if you don’t believe no problem we have from you.

  13. Hello Suprabhat,

    Glad to see your earnings.
    Thanks for sharing your earning report with us. The way of earning you shared are very helpful to us to make some more money with Blog and Social media also.
    Hope your earnings and traffic of the blog will increase this month 🙂
    Yavan recently posted…14 Blogging Tips for a Successful BlogMy Profile

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