Men Vs Women: Who Spend, Who Save More?

Men Vs Women Finance Infographic

Gone are the days when Women were advised to invest for the future by finding a husband while Men were advised to save to for his future wife and family. Despite of being gains in gender equality over the past few years, man and women had not yet achieved same growth in the field of investment.

The investment gap between Men and Woman is either due to sex stems, cultural expectation and inborn tendencies around gender and money. Sometime it become very difficult to predict whether this gap is due to nature or nurture.

Over last few decades, researchers have confirmed that “Men don’t like to ask for directions, while women like to do everything in company of other women“. This fundamentals shows that men and women both have different approaches in learning about anything whether it is accounting or investing.

Men Vs Women Finance Demo-graph: Infographic

We have seen above that Men and Women have different habits, styles and approach, here is the infographic showing Finance: Men Vs Women.

Mens Vs Women Finance Infographic

If you are not able to see the infograph above clearly, I have summarize the content inside the infographic below in small points:

  • 23.7% Women says that they can’t resist a sale, while only 4.5% men admit the same.
  • 60% males have more saving than credit card debt, meanwhile only 49% Women have more than saving than credit card debt.
  • Men spend around 80% in investments, entertainment, Women, Sports, Gambling etc.
  • While Women spend around 90% on Shopping, beauty, health, dating, home and care.

Considering Spending and Saving Habit total amount as $51000 per year. According to various expenditure:

  • Housing: $17148
  • Transport: $9004
  • Food: $6602
  • Personal Insurance/Pensions: $5528
  • Health Care: $3631
  • Other: $3267

So from the above expenditure habits we can say that Housing and Transport costs are very huge as compared to others.

Talking about Savings:

Out of total expenditure, Men’s Saving for Retirement is 71%, while Women’s saving for retirement is 66%.

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So it is quite hard to tell who is better in saving and spending, both the genders have their own preferences when it comes to expenditure. The way of saving as well as spending is quite different for both the genders and it depends on their personal interests. There is no rule that men spend or save more or vice versa. This infograph some of the different aspects of men and women in dealing with Finance.

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