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Mistakes Which I Committed In My Initial Year Of Blogging

Mistakes I did in intial Year of Blogging

I started Blogging a year ago and the motive behind starting Blogging was Branding. I didn’t know much about blogging and SEO. But as I started and continued my interest grew in Blogging and I decided to take the next step and On 19 December 2014, I bought a custom domain and Kick started by Professional Blogging journey. My whole blogging journey till now has faced many ups and down’s.

Today I will write down all the mistakes which I have done till now and I keenly want that you don’t do these mistakes. Because With the growing completion and strict google algorithms, you can’t stand anywhere if you aren’t doing the things properly.

Mistakes I did in intial Year of Blogging

So these are the biggest mistakes of my journey till now –

  • Made Huge Number of Backlinks without knowing its negative effects – Backlinks play a vital role in Search Engine Optimization, Backlinks help the Blog to rank In Search engines and Increase Authority of the blog. But the legit way to make backlinks is to follow a proper backlink plan in which you create a perfect ratio of backlinks of various types for e.g. Comment Backlinks, Commentluv Backlinks, Directory Backlinks, Contextual Backlinks, Response Backlinks, etc. But what I did was, made backlinks without analyzing the metrics of the website, didn’t knew whether Blog is spammed. Also I made backlinks without a perfect strategy, made more than 150 backlinks in a day and on the other day not even a single backlink. I would suggest you to make a proper backlink scheme for your long term blog, Make approx. 15 backlinks a week from diverse sources.
  • Keyword Stuffing and Content Cloaking – In my initial days , Whenever I wrote a post , I stuffed the post with hell lots of keywords that too with a keyword density of 30% – 60%  without knowing that it can even de-index my Blog from Google. I thought if I included keywords maximum times my site will rank higher than other sites and I will get lots of traffic. Also at certain times I cloaked content which also leads to Google penalties. I would suggest you to use keyword with a keyword density 3% – 5% and do proper keyword research, I suggest using long tail keywords instead of short tail keywords. Long tail keywords help you to rank on the related terms to and provides a lot of traffic. Diversify the use of keywords i.e. Use keyword in H1 and H2 headings, in Meta description of the post and in the alt title of the images used within the post.

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  • Content Spinning – Creating Content was a big problem for me in my Initial days, and the best solution to this problem of mine at that time was Content Spinning. I found it very convenient to spin content and post on my site, I thought the site owner won’t ever know that I have stolen his/her content. But I was wrong again, Google’s Algorithms are very well developed and Google don’t take much time detecting spinned content online. If you spin a post and google detects it, you rankings will surely have a huge downfall and at certain cases it leads to a penalty. So I don’t suggest to spin content as you never know what can happen.

There are many other mistakes which I did in the initial days but They won’t make much difference But The one’s which are listed above can shake the rankings of a blog and may even lead to removal of blog from google. I recommend to write quality content as Many professional bloggers have also told that “Content is King” And If you write quality content with Proper On Page SEO and make some backlinks for boosting rankings of post, You will surely rank the hell out of google.

Do proper keyword research > Include Keywords in a diverse manner > Write Quality Content > Include Relevant Images > Make some backlinks to the Post > Rank and Bank $$$

Who Am I?

You might be wondering that the writing style or what we say Typography of today’s Post in diff. from other posts, if you thought so you are absolutely right,
I am Pranav Rajput, a 15 year old Blogger from J&K, India who owns PSnama . At PSnama I post articles on SEO, Blogging, Facebook and WhatsApp Tricks, etc. I love Entrepreneurship and Blogging.

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