Most Important Pages that You must have on Your Blog! ~ Part 9

Most important pages for blog

To make your blog look professional and genuine one must have some of the most important pages to generate income and trust among readers and your community. While these pages are important, but today here i will mention some pages which are more crucial among all. Not this pages help you develop to generate trust and income among audience but also help you increase amount of content on your blog.

Most important pages for blog

Before i proceed i want to let you know that it is 9th part of Money making blog Series for newbie from beginning you can go and check out the Index page here.

How to create a page on WordPress ?

If you don’t know how to create a page on WordPress, don’t worry i will tell you how in short here. If you know how to create a post on WordPress then creating page is very simple for you.

  1. Look for “Pages” Tab in your WordPress menu bar in left, hover up to there and then click on “Add New“.
  2. Enter Page Title and page content there.
  3. Now hit Publish button and it’s done.

5 Most Important Page for WordPress Money Blog

1. Contact Page :-

Contact page is essential because it provide direct way to your audience, advertisers, customer to you from your blog. This way you provide them easy and convenient way to get connected with you.

You can create a simple form using WordPress plugins like Contact Form 7 or Simple Basic Contact Form. However this will increase the numbers of plugins which will affect your blog loading time, so rather than using plugin if you have Jetpack installed you can add a contact form using that also. But if you want to have contact form without plugin you can use FormGet to create forms online. In forms you can ask your readers to enter details like : Name, Email ID, Phone numbers and Message.

2. About us Page :-

If someone come to your blog for 1st time from search engine, social media or any other referral source, he might not know “What your Blog is about and Who is the man behind it ?“. Let me tell you that from all of the pages on my blog About us is most visited page on my blog. It is most popular page because it gives out more details about my blog and me.

People want to know who is the person behind this blog, this way i generate trust among my readers. But if you didn’t add about me page then readers will not gonna trust your blog because they want to deal with real person. To increase trust among your readers you can add your blog and your achievement and products.

3. Privacy Policy Page :-

This page is very important if you are using any kind of third party advertisement who may use cookies on your blog. For Example Google require a privacy policy page to get Google Adsense approved.

Privacy policy page should cover the details about how personal info and details you collect from your audience and how you use it. There are many online tools by the help of which you can create your privacy policy page. You can use this tools to create Privacy policy.

4. Disclaimer Page :-

It is also one of the important page if you are selling any other products . If you are linking to any external products, you will have to clearly specify on which basis you are recommending such products and you will not be responsible for any issue or damage with the use of such products.

Creating an Disclaimer page is not at all easy especially for newbie it is not easy, so you can use online Disclaimer generator for your blog.

5. Service Page :-

It is not recommend to have but if you offer any kind of service, then this is the page where you should give some details to your audience. If you can add testimonial and some reference to this page from some popular blogger or person in that niche then surely it will boost your services.

Even you can list your services in your About us page but it will look more professional if you can create a new page for the services you like to offer.

So these are some of the most important pages to have on WordPress money blog, You can add more pages to your blog but it depends on your type of business, blog and niche.

In next part we will learn How to create first blog post! If you are new to blogging, then i will recommend you to read this. Until then i would like to know about your views on this article.

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