7 Must Have Plugins for New WordPress Blog

Must Have Plugins for WordPress Blog

Often many beginners get confused when trying to choose best WordPress plugins for their new blog from so many available outside. I have faced this question many times “What are the best WordPress plugins for SEO, Performance and Social media etc” like this. Plugins are good to use as it provide ease to work, but more plugins you will have chances of getting in trouble also increases.

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Must Have Plugins for WordPress Blog

There are Two types of Plugins which can give a new height to your blog and one which can break your blog. There are some plugins which are bad for your WordPress blog.

Why Some Plugins are Bad and shouldn’t be Used !

As i said above some plugins are bad and can kill your blog, so we need to take at-most care and caution when choosing plugins for our new WordPress blog.

  • There are Some plugins are poorly coded which makes it easy for hackers to crack your blog.
  • There are some plugins which may be annoying to readers by showing popups again and again
  • Some plugins have monitoring scripts installed to gather some important information from your blog and submit it to some other location i.e Affecting WordPress Blog security
  • Some plugins are little heavy which increase your blog loading time and hence bad for Search Engine optimization
  • Some plugins which are poorly coded might get incompatible with server configuration which will led your blog to crash.

But still there are some plugins according which works great and as per user expectations without any negative impact on blogs/sites.

Must Have Plugins for New WordPress Blogs

1. For Better Performance :-

Many bloggers forget to optimize their blog for better performance, it is most important for every blogs because Google algorithm give priority to those blogs which have less loading time. So all WordPress users should install W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin, it is one of the best cache plugin as well as best plugin to improve user and search engine optimization.

I also use Smush.it to optimize my blog images because images also help me get some organic traffic directly from Google Images.

2. For Social Media :-

We can’t neglect the impact of Social media in these days, it has totally changed the blogging lifestyle. Social media plays a very vital role in driving referral traffic, conversion and building community. There are many bloggers out there who are driving millions of traffic monthly from these Social media site. For Social media integration i will suggest you to use Jetpack.

How any Blog interact with Social media ?

  • Jetpack allow you to add social media buttons on blog, which provide ease to readers to share,like,Tweet your post on different social sites.
  • It allow you to automatically share your new blog post on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook whenever you hit publish.
  • It allow subscription box below your comment box, so that commentators can signup easily to receive blog update direct to their mail box.
  • It also allow to see blog statistic, it allow to track from where traffic is coming and after that where they are going, which keyword are they using to come visit your blog from search engines etc.

3. For Search Engine Optimization :-

Search Engine plays an very important role for success of any blog, because it is one of the major source of traffic and traffic from search engine are proved to have most conversions. So making your WordPress blog SEO friendly is most important this days! I will suggest you to use Yoast SEO WordPress plugin as it make very easy even any beginner can interact with it in 2-3 minutes.

One more plugin which i prefer to use is Broken Link Checker, this plugin will help you notifying those broken links which are no more use this way you can replace them and optimize your WordPress blog for search engine.

To provide better navigation to your blog reader you can also use Yet Another Related Post Plugin, by using this you provide ease to your readers to move on your blog from one post to another easily. This will help you reduce Bounce rate for your blog as well.

4.  For Commenting :-

This is one of the crucial part which new bloggers really didn’t even consider, comments allow blog audience and owner to interact easily and can be use to create  a great blogging community.

Best commenting plugin which i like is CommentLuv Premium, I call this All in one plugin because :

  • It rewards visitors a backlink which encourage them to comments, and blog owners get more and more comments
  • It allow to increase more twitter exposure by dropping their twitter account name with comments.
  • As well as it also help owner to get returning visitor by using ReplyMe function. It send email back to the commentator whenever someone reply to his/her comments.
  • It helps blog owners to fight with Spam comments through GASP premium features.
  • It also rewards commentator by rewarding them link to their Homepage via KeywordLuv feature.

5. For Security :-

Newbie mostly forget to increase security for their new WordPress blog, as we all know WordPress is the best platform for creating blogs/site. So after installing WordPress one must focus on security of his blog. I recommend to use Better WP security, you can read more about How to increase security for you new WordPress blog here.

This are some of the must have Plugins for WordPress blogs but in future one can have to install more plugin according to choice and niche of his blog.

In next post we will discuss about Most Important pages One must have on his money making blog. If you face any problem or have any queries you can ask about in comments below and Don’t forget to share this on Social media.

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