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In 2015 total population of India is recorded as 1,27,17,02,542 out of which 90,26,19,500 use smartphone/phones, this numbers are really huge so all those who own phones and smartphone users need to make recharge for various purpose on weekly or daily basis.

So to make recharge one have to visit near Mobile Recharge Shop or have to use Freecharge or Paytm to recharge their mobiles and this thing will never ever stop in future also. It means profit and profit till future.

Every time you make recharge using any retailer, he get some commission. Initially this idea came to State Bank Of India they have initiated this by giving users a facility to make recharge using their ATM Cards or Credit cards. Even if their 2 Crore ATM card holders make Rs 100 recharge on an average monthly they get 6% commission it means monthly profit of SBI will grow to 12 Crore only from mobile recharges.

But people didn’t shown interest in this because the whole profit is going to SBI only. And from here comes MyRecharge if they get profit of 12 crores then they will distribute 8 crores to their customers while keeping only 4 crore with them as profit.

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How to Make Money Using MyRecharge

Services Provided by MyRecharge :

This are some services which are provided by MyRecharge and this services are our daily/weekly and monthly need :

  1. Recharge Mobiles
  2. DTH Recharge
  3. Flight Ticket Booking
  4. Train Ticket Booking
  5. Hotel Booking
  6. Bus Ticket Booking
  7. Online Shopping
  8. And many more

Taking example of only Mobile Recharges, In India there are 17 Service Providers like Airtel, Idea, DOCOMO, Reliance, Vodaforn, BSNL and many more. Suppose if you want to do business of mobile recharge one have to keep 17 DEMO SIM cards of various companies and hence 17 different mobiles, taking minimum Rs 1000 for single phone it means you have to invest around Rs 17000 just to buy mobiles.

But Here MyRecharge is giving all this services for only Rs 1800 only which is an activation charge only one time payment.

What you get after Paying Rs 1800 ?

  • Your SIM get converted in COMBO SIM which means you can make recharge to any mobile from a single phone.
  • You get Rs 100 TOP UP every month till 6 months (Rs. 600 Back)
  • You get Rs 600 DTH Voucher
  • You get Rs 600 OFF on Flight Ticket booking.
  • User ID  and Password which will help you track each and every thing.
  • ( Life Changing Business Opportunity ) which I am going to discuss below.
  • For more details click here

Life Changing Business Opportunity

As I said above their are more than 90 Crores of population who use phones even if we turn 1% of total population into customers of MyRecharge you can imagine how much profit it can make.

As keeping ATM cards now a days is our necessity as no bank remain open at night so that we can withdraw money. Similarly If one need to make recharge at night no mobile recharge shop remain open except FreeCharge & PayTm and they get some commission for it. If you start using MyRecharge the commission which FreeCharge & PayTm was getting you will get that from now.

Life Changing Business Opportunity is totally based on recommendation process.For Example,

If you like Sony Smartphone which cost around 18000 and you recommend to your friend and he buys it also then you had increased business profit of Sony smartphones by 18000 but it didn’t give you commission.

While MyRecharge gives you commission for recommending others to this business. In below picture you will see how this whole process works like a charm.

MyRecharge referral program

 How to Get Royalty Income on Monthly Basis ?

Royalty Income is given to those who have achieved something in their lifetime. Like Kishore Kumar has sung many songs in his time which are still popular. Last year his family got around 5 Crores as royalty income.

To get Royalty Income you have to make an pair of 200 i.e 200 on left and 200 on right. And using your team of 200 you have to activate more 20 below them and you will get Rs 5500 on monthly basis. The more bigger your team the more you get paid and this figure can get up to Rs 50000.

Repurchase Income

You also get Repurchase Recharge Income like If below you there are 10,000 people then you get commission of 0.02% to 0.6%

10,000 x .02 = 200Rs for Single Recharge by 10,000 people which will be forever till people use mobile phones.

For more details you can see this video tutorials by Nasim sir who is working and earning 50 lakhs from this company :-

For Facebook fan page of MyRecharge Click here

They also have Android and Windows application also which make everything very easy

I have joined MyRecharge from last month and to earn more income I have joined activated my family members phone numbers also. Till now I had created a team of more than 100 members who are just refer 2-3 person on daily basis which enlarge my team soon I am going to achieve my royalty income soon.

Registering on this site is on Referral basis. If you want to join you can contact me any time. If you have any queries you can ask in comments below.

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