MyUKMailBox Review: How To Get A UK Street Address

MyUKMAILBOX Review How to get UK Street Address

As we all know, Internet has connected many small business and people all over the world. But still there exist a big problem of delivery of physical products. If you do any kind of order from any UK store,then one of the biggest challenge you are going to face is how to get a UK street address to handle delivery. So Today I got one solution for it, i.e MyUKMailBox.

MyUKMailBox is a UK forwarding company which stand at top among all others. It has won the confidence of clients with flawless and hassle free forwarding service. If you search for MyUkMailbox review you will find thousands of happy customers and positive review on Google.

It works in 3 simple steps:

1. They get you a UK Street Address like this:

Johhny Deff
D6 Alsion Business Park
256 Roundhay Road, Leeds LS8 5RL, UK

2. Then you shop at any online UK store. Your physical product will be delivered to this UK physical address.
3. They will pick your product and forward to you anywhere you live in the world.

How to get a UK Street Address with MyUKMailBox

To be a client of Myukmailbox you have to join and create account where you will be able to track your product delivery and other services.
Not only they will provide you UK street address and forwarding of your parcel, there are many more exciting services, Like:

>> BuyForMe
If you have desire to buy something from a UK store that doesn’t accept your VISA debit or Credit card that billing address outside the UK, BuyForMe service will help you but it will cost you additional 8-10% of the value of the purchase.

>> Scan & Email
With Scan & email service, you give permission to open your letters, scan and email them to save your postage costs and also to save your time.

>> Parcel Consolidation & Repacking
If you have bought several products from different different UK store, then all your items will be delivered to your street address separately. Here comes this service, it will bundle all those items together to ease handling and delivery of all the products together.

>> Address Book
It is another service which allow you to forward your parcels to more than one address. This service is quite helpful when you want to buy gift for your friends or relative. All you need to do is enter their address in address book and once your parcel enters in your account, just pick the address to deliver.

>> Import into UK
Not only they are a mail and parcel forwarding company, but MyUKMailBox also offers an import services. If you buy something outside UK then they can import and deliver your product wherever you want across the world.

>> Insurance
One of the major fear every customer faces is loss or damage of product while shipping. For peace of mind, this is another additional service that offers shipping insurance. I recommended you to add this service for reasonable rates to insure against loss and damage.

>> Business Services
This is service which is only available to premium members only. If you have business overseas and wants to get a physical presence in UK, MyUKmailBox is the most convenient to work with. They will receive your package from supplier and then deliver it to your customers all over UK, Europe and Worldwide.

MyUKMailBox Review: Pricing

It comes with 3 plans for their clients. Each of the plan varies with some additional range of services. Any of the plans doesn’t have free forwarding services but you will get discounts and additional services with them. So choose according to your need.

Three plans are as :

  1.  Starter
  2.  Basic
  3.  Premium

uk forwarding service pricing

What Customers Say?

So How can you trust MyUKMailBox services? Here are some of the customers feedback I got on TrustPilot. Have a look at them:

uk forwarding service review

If you have ever tried or used their services, please let us know what you think about it and your experience with them.

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