4 Strategies That New Businesses Must Be Doing to Instil Brand Loyalty

4 Strategies Every New Business be Doing

There is no denying that most industries are dominated by big brands. They have the right assets (talent, experience, reach and budget) to match their market shares. Competition-wise, this is enough to drive ambitious start-ups away even after they’ve triumphed over the entry barriers.

4 Strategies Every New Business be Doing

What lessons can we learn from these big brands in instilling brand loyalty particularly among the young consumers?

1) Be on the same level as they are.

Simply, talk their talk and walk their walk. Think of what piques the interest of your target consumers. The millennials have very specific things where their discourses revolve around. Impress them by being at that level. That’s how you relate with them and be genuine about it because they would know if you are just trying too hard to get their attention. Take Coke as an example. Their roster of brand ambassadors changes from time to time, depending on who is hot on that particular period.

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2) Be where they are.

The young audience is highly social and mobile. With smart devices on their hands, they can be socially active while being on-the-go. They are on social media sites where they are trying to establish their identity and independence. So should your brand; you need to establish your identity and reputation on the most business-relevant social platforms. Aside from that, you need to stay ahead on the trends. You have to be savvy and flexible to reach as many people as you can. Did you know that MTV is the fourth most followed brand in Twitter?

3) Never assume.

Since they are constantly online, the young generation is more aware and more informed. They consume contents from various web sources whenever and wherever they want. Nonetheless, they do not digest everything in. They choose which sources or contents must influence them. The last thing they want is to insult their intelligence. On the other end, do not assume that you already know what they need and want. What you must do is to engage them on a constant basis, so you would get a good grasp of their needs, desires and preferences. Expect diversity on the things that resonate with them. Only then you can start tailoring your strategy to your audience. Nike dominated the World Cup recently with a very clever campaign called Risk Everything.

4) Make only the good stuff.

When we say good stuff, this means the ‘cool stuff.’ However, the stuff you create must be exceptionally functional otherwise you won’t capture the attention of the young target market. This is the secret of creating raving fans or those brand advocates who will speak about your products and services without asking them to. Instill prestige on your products, if you can, just like what Apple did with theirs. Don’t forget that we love to associate ourselves with only the good thing. Capitalize on this.

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While start-ups and small businesses do not have sky-rocket marketing budget as big brands do, we can learn a thing or two about how they create loyal customers. Evidently, it takes more than the marketing department. Instead, your business must be geared toward establishing appreciation among the young audience. Brand loyalty is cultivated and considered from the ground up. Remember that!


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