NordVPN Review 2023 – The World Most Advanced VPN Service

NordVPN Review 2015 - World Most Amazing VPN

What’s up People! Hope you are doing well. Today I have a new Thing, which I am going to share with you. Sometimes we want to access those websites which are blocked in our Country. In those situations, we will try to find some methods to Access blocked websites. It’s a review so, I will give you All the Information about this software. Everyone knows that I only write a review about any tool only after using it myself. It means I am sharing my Personal Experience with you all.

NordVPN Review 2023 – The World Most Advanced VPN Service

So, let’s Proceed to a Brief Review of NordVpn. First, we will talk about VPNs.

  • Why do We need VPN?
  • What is the Use of a VPN?

Why Do You Need a VPN?

VPN is Virtual Private Network. If we don’t want to display our IP Address a VPN is a great tool to help with that. A VPN encrypts your data and changes your IP address corresponding to the IP address of the server you choose from a list of available servers.  This provides added security. Also, changing your IP address allows you to access that website which is banned in our country. So, a VPN is a simple solution to unblock websites.

For Example:- YouTube is banned in Pakistan, so All users of Pakistan use a Proxy or a VPN Service to access YouTube.

NordVpn Software Details

NordVPN supports all types of Platforms. Likewise, Mac OS, Linux, Windows, iOS & Android. You can use this on any internet device ( laptop, phone, computer, router, etc.). If you are playing online games and it need a proxy, Just use this tool. Changing your IP address is an easy task with this tool.

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Installing NordVPN

I am sharing my experience of Installing this tool. I have tried it on my Laptop Running Windows 10. It’s an easy task. We can say that installing this tool is baby’s work. Just Download it from the Official Website by choosing your preferred platform.

NordVpn Usage

I have used this tool, it’s a very easy tool. When I open the Application it shows all servers of all countries. Just select any one server and click on connect. That’s All. now your IP Address is changed. You can check your IP by typing “MY IP” on Google.com. one good thing is this tool shows the list of all servers and the capacity of all users using it. For example: If you trying to connect to a US server. It shows that 75%, I suggest you choose another server. Because It will give you the slow speed of Internet access. So, use that server that shows fewer users using their resources. You can also purchase the Dedicated IP by Approaching their Sales Team by emailing [email protected]. It’s cheap and easy to purchase.

NordVpn Specification 2023:

  • 1-Month Account
  • Based in the Republic of Panama
  • No Logs
  • VPN protocols: L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP
  • 6 Concurrent Devices
  • Client software for Windows, OS X
  • Platform Support: Linux/OS X/Windows/iOS/Chrome OS/Android/DD-WRT/Raspberry Pi
  • Manual Configuration Option
  • P2P allowed

NordVpn Review: Pricing and Plans 2023

If we talk about the Pricing of NordVPN. It’s very cheap and everyone can purchase it without any hassle. They have Three Payment Plans. Named as Simple, Standard, Best Offer. They differ in the length of service. The simple plan is for one month. For Example, any person who wants to use this service just for one month or he/she is just trying the trial of this service. He/She can purchase a Simple Plan. If you can purchase any high plans, it’s a cheaper price per month. The standard plan is for 6 Months and Big Value Plan is for 1 Year. NordVPN is Very cheap and Very easy to use.

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This is Last, but not least. I am recommending you use this tool. It is a very easy to use & Very Good tool. The main thing I have liked about NordVPN is this tool saves No logs – this means they do not record any activity you do online – which makes you completely anonymous online. I have used this VPN. My experience says that just use this VPN and you will love this for sure.

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