2nd Month Report~Achievements for a Brand New Blog!


MoneyGossips is 2 month old now, i registered my domain on 28th August and after i started working on it and finally it was live on 6th September 2014. Yes i have been blogging since March and I started my blogging journey with WorldTechBuzz which has been sold now. Here is my last month report for brand new blog!


My Blogging Journey with MoneyGossips is getting exciting day by day. My blog is growing steadily and i have met with more and more awesome bloggers who had contributed their time, comments and social share to my blog posts. I had mentioned their name in this post.

The 1st article on this blog was about Various ways of making money online without Investment. To read it Click here. This post went live on 6th September and after that i had written many post for me as well some clients.

Dashboard Stats

Dashboard ‹ MoneyGossips — WordPress

In this two month, I had published 27 posts, that means an average of 13.5 post per month which is quite low as i am pursuing my Engineering so i didn’t get enough time.  Meanwhile my readers (including you) had really contributed a lot around 490+ Comments including mine as well which is really fabulous. It is the real proof of How much active this blog is during this 2 months.

Traffic Stats For October Month

Still Traffic to this blog is quite low not much which i was expecting but as it is only two month old blog i am amazed to see this growth. Major Traffic come from Referral source but search traffic is goes on increasing with a constant growth. You will see more increment in future.

As i said last month that you will see growth in average daily traffic visit which has gone to 150 on average per day, which is just the double of last month and i promise you would see more growth in future!

Audience Overview  Google Analytics 2nd Month


Traffic Source : According To Google Analytics

Again Direct Traffic is the highest as last month and after that Facebook standing 2nd position in terms of referral traffic.

Organic traffic stands on 3rd position and had increased a little as compared to previous month.

All Traffic  2nd Month

Alexa Stats

I guess you all know Alexa is one of the tool use to measure traffic and engagement on any blog which is highly disputed due to its algorithm of ranking. But still we cannot ignore Alexa stats if we want to be recognized online. In this post i had explained how i lowered my Alexa rank quickly.

MoneyGossips Alexa stats

53k Alexa in 2 months is really impressive and a great achievement for me. I had not used any black hat tool or technique to do this, just followed this simple rules and achieved it. In next month i would try to get Alexa rank of MoneyGossips under 30k.

We know lower alexa rank attract more number of Advertisers and Clients as alexa rank is still one of the factor used by advertisers to determine How much popular a blog is!

What I had Done this month ?

1. Published some quality blog posts.

2. Shared my post on Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ using Jetpack.

3. Joined BlogEngage which helped me to met new bloggers.Hence more traffic

4. Created my own Blogging Community via building relationship with other bloggers.

 Final Words

ThankYou! my readers because of you guys MoneyGossips is spreading like fire. I am very ThankFull to each and everyone who are my part of blogging community as well as those who had helped me in sharing my articles. I would like to hear from you What you think about 2nd month traffic stats.

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