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One Year Report! $4,400, 105 Blog Posts, 39k Alexa

One Year Report MoneyGossips

One Year has been completed since MoneyGossips has been started, I registered the domain on 30th August 2014 and the 1st article gone live on 7th of September 2014 which was about various ways of making money online. I completed my 1st year with MoneyGossips.com while I have started blogging since December 2013.

It is one of the most exciting journey, I have never imagined I will be able to grow my blog upto this point, where I have met many amazing bloggers from all across the world. Credit for success of my blog goes to my blogging community which had helped me a lot. I have written many posts related to money making, blogging and some tech updates.

I am writing this posts to show appreciation to my readers and friends, MoneyGossips would not be able to reach here if you have not commented, shared or linked. I would like to say thanks for your awesome contribution over it.

Some Stats After 1 Year

One Year Report MoneyGossips

In one year, I was able to publish 105 post which would have been more but in June I was little bit depressed due to some serious problem in my life but I am back with more passion and dedication this time. Taking this 105 post, on average of 8.75 post per month but is quite less. There are around 1,866 comments including my replies to my readers.

Top 10 Posts of MoneyGossips in 2014-2015 are :

Alexa Stats :

If you are a blogger you can’t ignore the importance of traffic and engagement measuring tool, Alexa which always remain in disputed, but we can’t ignore it, as most of advertisers and clients consider Alexa rank as one of the major factor to determine how popular is a blog. I have got many advertisement, sponsored reviews on the basis of Alexa rank only.

Alexa report MoneyGossips

39k Alexa rank in one year is not so that impressive, but still I love it and the best Alexa rank I have ever got was 22,475 which was in May 2015, but as I said above there was some problem due to which I was not able to keep my blog active as it was before.

From this, I learned that Alexa rank totally depends on some following factors, click here to know about this factor which affect alexa rank.

Income Report

In this report I will not be able to share exact details. I generally earn from MoneyGossips are from Affiliate marketing, Sponsored Reviews and a little bit from Google Adsense.

Major income is from affiliate, which I do is by writing product review and then linking them with my affiliate link, whenever a user purchase anything, I earn some commission. One of the best thing I like about affiliate marketing is that one can make recurring commission from it not only recurring but also affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make passive income.

I still remember that from the 1st month of MoneyGossips, I started getting paid posts for it, which was the major reason for it quick success in making money online.

From Google Adsense income is quite less, as in tech and blogging niche earning remains less but we also have one Google Adsense Alternative

I have not mentioned my earning from Fiverr.com from which I have been earning a lot, I should say I am making living out of it, soon I will release my book on my Fiverr secrets in which we will include various gigs which makes huge money, how to rank those gigs high and how to make more money from the same clients.

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My Future Plans :

I have been creating a new platform which will help bloggers, Internet Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Social Media Marketers and Small businesses in creating social buzz for their products, blogs and websites. i.e RetweetBird which will be live soon.

From Now I will try to update MoneyGossips quite frequently to provide more resources to you to make more money. Soon I will start a guide of Affiliate Marketing similar to How to Create professional blog for making money.

Share your success story with me in comments below, and also let us know How I can improve my blog to provide better content and results to you.

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    1. Hey Parth,

      That’s great, Even When I came into blogging one thing I know of making money from blog was Google Adsense, but later on I got to know about new things, Affiliate marketing, Freelancing, Web Business, SEO, SMM and many more things.
      Dedicate your time to one thing, and I am sure after that you can easily fill up your bank account at a faster rate.

      Thanks for commenting here, Wish you all the best!
      Best Regards
      Suprabhat recently posted…5 Ways to Boost Facebook Fan Engagement!My Profile

    1. Hey Rejul,

      Thanks for showing your presence over here.
      Really spamming has been increased a lot this days, there are so many tools available using which you can easily spam without much efforts i.e you can easily see this kind of spam comments on every blog. So better to use Akismet plugin to block them.

      Thanks for showing your view on our New Theme. Even I liked it very much due to its responsiveness .

      Keep visiting
      Best Regards
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  1. Hi Suprabhat,

    Congratulations! Your Alexa rank and income is not a mean achievement for a one year blog. It is my fervent belief that this record will inspire many bloggers who are not doing so well themselves.

    BTW, your new blog design rocks…it’s more professional and definitely, worthier than the old one you spotted.p 🙂

    I wish you the best with your upcoming project.

    Do make the day great.

    Akaahan Terungwa
    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…Ask Me Anything…Or, Hire MeMy Profile

  2. Ok the results are nice but if you have this amount of traffic I think you should switch to affiliate links instead of Adsense. That will make you alot more income. Just focus on your audience. Adsense pays are too low these days.

  3. This is a great report and an amazing growth in a year . You not only have made a good income in a year , had also made much better growth in just a year as compared to other startup blogs nowadays . Good luck for your future and wish you all the best for more growth and earnings in the coming years and keep it up .
    Simranjit singh recently posted…Steps to make a websiteMy Profile

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